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Thread: Dragon Invasion Update + Dev Diary

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    Post Dragon Invasion Update + Dev Diary

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    Hello Growtopians!

    Can you hear it? The beating of wings, the roaring of fire? DRAGONS are coming, and they want our treasure! Collect all-new scaly beasts, glittering armor, toasted villages, and more as the Dragon Invasion arrives and sets its sights on those Treasure Blasts of ours!

    Oh, and don't forget, the Chinese New Year is still on!

    And as usual, do share your thoughts and feedback here.

    Patch Note 2.987 (Content Update)

    Dragon Invasion

    Here's a preview of Dragon Invasion items you'll encounter in this new content!

    Jormungandr - Ride this spiralling serpent of the fathomless deep!
    Dragon Glass - Forged in pools of molten rock by the incredible heat of a dragon's fire.
    Stone Egg - Unyielding, solid stone, and yet... you think you can hear the faintest pulse of a heartbeat from within!

    … plus more! (you have to discover them yourselves)
    "Instead of seeing what they want you to see, you got to open your brain to the possibilities." - King Bumi.

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    Hello Growtopians!

    Okay, it's time to lay down a little-known fact about Starkos: I love dragons. They are super-cool scaly monsters that surround themselves with arrogance, treasure, and destruction. They make great villains and come with all kinds of fun worldbuilding ideas (like dragon knights). Unfortunately, a full-fledged dragon-fighting update, while cool, would take a huge amount of development time and resources (believe me, I've checked), so I kept my love for all things dragon on the backburner... until we started talking treasure.

    When the Treasure Hunt was in development, I immediately asked if we could include dragons, because hey - dragons. Unfortunately, there was only time for the hunt, which was fine, because I knew we needed to make riddles and cool items the order of the day. However, I pushed to add more to the Treasure Hunt afterward, which is how this month's update came about: A Dragon Invasion!

    We've added a ton of new dragon-themed blocks and items, including armor to turn yourself into a brave Dragon Knight, blasted villages to show the remains of a terrifying dragon attack, and, of course, dragons! Some of these new additions will be found through the Treasure Blasts, others you'll be able to splice, and one in particular was so cool it could only come from the most legendary of efforts...

    Besides satisfying my love of dragons (at least a little - I still want a proper dragon attack!), this update is another chance for us to see if you guys enjoy the addition of more content, not systems. We know a lot of you liked the Stuff Update, which was similar, but this one is a bit more focused on a single unifying theme. As always, please let us know your thoughts, and have a wonderful month!

    P.S.: Oh, and yes, love is in the air and there are lucky tokens and such. But enough about that! It's time to find some DRAGONS!



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