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Hello Growtopians!

Can you hear it? The beating of wings, the roaring of fire? DRAGONS are coming, and they want our treasure! Collect all-new scaly beasts, glittering armor, toasted villages, and more as the Dragon Invasion arrives and sets its sights on those Treasure Blasts of ours!

Oh, and don't forget, the Chinese New Year is still on!

And as usual, do share your thoughts and feedback here.

Patch Note 2.987 (Content Update)

Dragon Invasion

Here's a preview of Dragon Invasion items you'll encounter in this new content!

Jormungandr - Ride this spiralling serpent of the fathomless deep!
Dragon Glass - Forged in pools of molten rock by the incredible heat of a dragon's fire.
Stone Egg - Unyielding, solid stone, and yet... you think you can hear the faintest pulse of a heartbeat from within!

… plus more! (you have to discover them yourselves)