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Thread: Make guild events and seasons come less frequently.

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    Exclamation Make guild events and seasons come less frequently.

    Make them last for a shorter time, or at least have a longer period of rest between them.

    I am not in a guild, but I have spoken with a guild leader, who says
    "yea and so many really quit whole game, cause they feel like guild events are must thing and when they realize, how much work that cost, then they feel depressed and they really quit whole game. Sounds insane, but this is whats happening rn. Im leader, i get all these msgs from my members, where they tell, why they quit. I try support them, i try ask, if they could still continue, but they feel like theres nothing else to achiecve or complete than another l branch and when they realize they cant do it, they feel down and start think quitting. So if no recovery time, guild events will really damage this game. Dont know why devs cant see this. All experience huge stress, caused of some game! Its not healthy, not even close, but when person is like i am, cant give up in any thing in life, they choose continue and get stress. I have had even panic attacks cause of guild event!..."

    Basically, they are pressured to invest alot of time and effort everyday of every event in order to get the guild's ranks up by alot.
    In essence
    Guild members work very hard
    So that more members come in and contribute(Most members choose guilds based on rank.)
    So that everyone can work less
    So that they can achieve the legendary item.

    The legendary items was put in place to encourage guild members to contribute right?
    Those same items are pressuring members to get their guild up high so that they can get the item and not regret not getting it later on.
    Some or most of those members cannot afford that investment of time.
    In fact it is not healthy to spend days to get a digital item that does nothing. But yet they do. Is fine, they can do what they want to do.
    Some members do not consider it worthwhile however, but yet they are pressured into overworking and stressing themselves for the sake of others(Their friends!) who do want to get that item.

    I even said it myself.
    A legendary item is not worth overworking and stressing yourself out.
    All for one
    One for all

    The One for all is to represent one's sacrifice for the greater benefit of the team.
    However, that sacrifice in this case is many hours, days worth of time, for the benefit of many. The benefit of what? Getting an item?

    All for one.
    You are not alone in this.

    I told her to talk to her friends in the guild and tell them about this, so that they can talk her out of this mindset.
    If they are truly her friends at least, they wouldn't want her to overwork and stress herself and be upset just to get an item for them.
    She refuses to listen.
    Told me that she needs to help in order to relieve the strain off of her friends so that they don't have to invest too many hours into getting an item.
    She is doing it for the sake of others, and as such, she has convinced herself that she can't take a break until the events are over.
    As such, taking a break and only committing as much time and effort as she wants to is a bad idea, in her mind.

    I am sure that many others in guilds feel the same way, that they won't fail their team when their friends are counting on them, even if they have to sacrifice their happiness in order to do so.

    Guild events and seasons. They come too frequently, too often that many people just burn out and leave, because they cannot handle this pressure and they are exhausted.

    I request that guild events be shorter, allowing more time between each event for people to rest. It also reduces the time and effort investments that many people shoulder the burden of making, thus lightening their load. No one should have to work days and weeks with little rest because they are in a guild.
    I also request that you extend the time in-between seasons. Setting aside much of their time for guild events is something many make the mistake of doing, but yet they keep doing it without much rest. Guild events should not become their entire gaming life. They should have fun as well, not having to spend 1/2 their free time grinding away.
    As such making the recovery period longer allows them to enjoy the game for what it truly is, and to take a break from growtopia and just relax.

    I thank you for considering this proposal, in any case, and hope that at the very least, you would try to allow them to take a break and have fun.
    Thank you.
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    That's way over-dramatic, there's a fair space between Guild Events/Seasons, and no one is forcing you to stress yourself over these events, and It doesn't help that you're not even taking part of Guild Events and such, so you probably have no experience.
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