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Thread: [MERGED] Extend valentine week? Eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starkos View Post
    It'll probably be extended, yes. However things go with the drive repair, we've already lost a pretty hefty chunk of time.

    ...that and we love you guys.
    Thanks for update, starkos!

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    I'm pretty sure a "chance" for double gems isn't going to satisfy the community.
    Quote Originally Posted by NekoRei View Post
    So, we checked your logs. Your map was destroyed and you got a Rune Stone as a reward.
    Just my Luck.

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    Are you a stalker?


    Quote Originally Posted by Supaman View Post
    What do you guys think? Btw

    No rollback it’s ok. Atleast extend valentine week for verrrry long maintenance

    And also extend the valentine building contest. We don’t have time to build since we have very long maintenance
    First of all there is rollback.
    And Valentine's Day extend is probably around 2 days (1 day that's rollbacked, another day to apologize growtopia being closed, )

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRENADIER View Post
    I'm pretty sure a "chance" for double gems isn't going to satisfy the community.
    But plaques sure will.
    I always liked the plaques



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