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Thread: Pet Battle Skill Nerf and Buff

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    Post Pet Battle Skill Nerf and Buff

    I've Been playing Pet Battle for long Time now and many people think its dead ya probably cause we dont get any update from new pet skill and those overpowered skills needs to be nerf here are my suggestions

    Grey Silkworm Pet Skill:StoneForm and Butterfly Skill:Acrobatics:Both 5seconds Duration Cooldown Time:10seconds-This 2 skills are so overpowered if splice them in same deck it result infinite dodge because both has 5 seconds duration and 10 seconds cooldown so after Stoneform skill used theres Acrobatics skill ready then after that the Acrobatics expired StoneForm is ready to use again its boring watching your opponent only using same 2 skill on whole Battle and waiting Boredom to kill you.
    SUGGESTION:Both Skill make it to 11 seconds Cooldown therefore theres a 2 seconds gap or difference to attack the pet so the opponent force to use other skills or switch to other deck

    Dryadraining Roots:30 Damage and 30 Heal on your pet this skill is so overpowered even tho it has 30 seconds cooldown its still alot of damage and healing the pet itself even the possesion skill no effect cause ya you possessed the dryad it hitself for 30 damage but it healsback 30 heals too basically nothing happen didnt took any damage if you wondering what possesion is its Spiritual Resonator Pet it posses 1 random ready skill of your opponent to hit itself and for defense the defense skill goes to your pet back same as the heal skills.
    SUGGESTION:Make Draining Root 20 Damage and 20Heal 25 seconds Cooldown to make balance im thinking about 30seconds cooldown but i think its too much

    Pet Frog:Spit Mud:20 damage 12 seconds 5 seconds slow opponent skill charge half as fast this the the most overpowered skill for me deals alot of damage in short amount of time and making opponent slow skill cooldown thats so OP theres a Deck Called Cancer combination of ice calf+dryad+pet frog if u got caught by ice calf skill followed by this 2 op skill literally cant dont anything
    SUGGESTION:Make it to 15 damage 12 seconds Cooldown 3 or 4 Seconds slow 20 damage is too much for 12seconds cooldown and 5 seconds slow effect is half cooldown of some skills 3 or 4 seconds i think its balance for other skill.

    Legendary Dragon:Burninate:50 damage 40 seconds Cooldown this skill is so weak even tho its expensive its still not meant for battle just for flex LOL 50 damage but the cooldown is 40 seconds Deer WinterGift Skill is 30 heal for partner 15 seconds Cooldown even its 50 damage but imagine the heal of deer 30 heal 2 heal= 60 hp restored in 30seconds the legendary dragon skill already useless and still the wintergift 10seconds cooldown ahead
    SUGGESTION:Make it to 45damage 35seconds cooldown so the skill can deal the damage in decent amount of time

    This is my Suggestion for current skills that need Buff and Nerf and i hope mod or dev check out this thread many people quitting petbattle cause they dont get any update about it Should i give my Suggestion about TOURNAMENT and New Pets that doesn't have Skill Yet?

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    They pretty much gave up at Pet battles at this point, but I'd like to see these in-game, we really need balancing. and yes, I really want to see your suggestions about TOURNAMENT and New skills.
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