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Thread: Frost items like Phoenix suggestion

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    Default Frost items like Phoenix suggestion

    Okay I'm not sure you understood the title but I want the devs to make Frost items, similar to Phoenix for Winter fest the reason I want this to be a thing is because there's a lot of fire items and Phoenix still counting in the future why not make frost items for winter fest or sooner updates like P.A.W they'll be good limited too here's a list of items I'm thinking that should be added frost related
    1. Frost hands (effect: shoots Icicles)
    2. Icicle sword (effect: icy slash)
    3. Spiked Icicles crown (look description: icicles spiked out)
    4. Icicle charmed necklace (effect: able to walk on nice)
    5. Frosted staff (effect: shoots winter winds)

    Tell me what you think

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    Please no, no more limited items.

    no context
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