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Thread: March Update + Dev Diary

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    Default March Update + Dev Diary

    Hello Growtopians!

    The circle is complete! For those of you who are fans of patterns, I'm pretty sure you had a good idea what this month's update would be. Yes, the last of the Clashes is here, setting up our yearly cycle for these events (Spring will run from March-May, Summer will be July-September, and Winter will be November-January). Because each new Clash involves so many items, they've had to be the full monthly update every time, but now that the framework is in place, we plan to run them alongside future content updates, switching out key items to keep things fresh, but not taking up the full month for them.

    We hope you enjoy this Clash as much as the previous ones, as well as the many new items we've added as its prizes! Among other bits of feedback we've implemented, you should be getting a lot more blocks for building things (and we'll probably be pushing that philosophy forward into the various castle blocks from Summer Clash, when it rolls around). Also, we hear you guys want a clearer idea of the event calendar in order to plan and organize your guild activities a bit better, which is totally fair.

    We don't have the full Spring Clash locked down yet, but we do know the first four events, which I'm going to share with you... now!

    Week 1: Fishing Fanatics
    Week 2: Block Bashers
    Week 3: Surgery Stars
    Week 4: Speedy Splicers

    I'll see about getting a full calendar, too. I think it makes sense to be able to plan better, though we do want to be able to be flexible in case things need to change. Stay tuned on that account!

    As a general note, we really like how the Clashes have turned out; they're an opportunity for us to add a bit of competitive progression to the game's various systems, tying them together a little more strongly. At the same time, we recognize that they're not for everyone, and making them too integral could lead to burnout, so it's been a delicate balance. At the end of the day, we want Growtopia to be fun, and since that means vastly different things to different people, we've tried to add a wealth of different experiences.

    The Clash is competitive and - hopefully - collaborative, and while it certainly won't be the last feature to focus on that aspect of gameplay, it's also not the end-all be-all of our design focus. We want to add more items, more content, and yes, more riddles alongside improvements to the game's user experience, balancing, and stability. We're working on finalizing plans for the coming year, and if all goes well, perhaps I'll have some long-term hints and news for you in the next dev diary!

    Have a great March, you guys!
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    Default March 1st: IOTM + Spring Clash Branch!

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    Dear Growtopians,

    Have you ever forgotten how amazing you look? How cool your style is? Well an elephant NEVER forgets, so take a tour in our new Item of the Month: Morty the Elephant's fashionable gray ears and remember your awesomeness for all time!

    Also, the new Spring Clash Branch starts now! First branch is now available! Discover more fantastic prizes!

    Lastly, forged in honor of the finest kitty in at least twenty worlds, the Foppy 4.0 mask combines their stylish color scheme with even MORE stylish robotic technology! You might be cool, but are you robo-kitty cool? Wear this mask and find out! This is the subscriber item for February 2019, and was sponsored by DanyRed.
    Happy gaming, everyone!

    -The Growtopia Team
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