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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - April Cycle]

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    Behind you

    Default SQUAIR [Main World]

    Name:  squair.png
Views: 72
Size:  1.06 MB

    World made inside a Monochromatic Blast using chinese blocks and many more stuff.
    Level 50: 73/50
    Focused Eyes: 100/100
    Golden Pickaxe:200/200
    Seil's Magic Orbs: 200/200

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    (Noxie and I currently share the same account, he’s my brother irl)
    World about a princess falling in love, it contains:
    - 2 Special different endings
    - Adventure items gameplay & Parkours


    The world had come to its end, there’s no stopping, only escaping.
    - Cybots Parkour
    - Password gameplay
    - Obelisk and Sungate gameplay


    Can you beat this almost impos-very possible maze without the renders?
    - Ghosts as obstacles
    - Maze with timers


    Adventure Mini Games world, which includes:
    - Beat and timer and feed all the Gorillas
    - Find the Rope in the maze and climb to the top
    - Brazier and torches parkour
    - The mystery door game (luck)
    - Find the passwords and get into the balloon


    The psychic staring effect is a supposed phenomenon in which humans detect being stared at by extrasensory means.
    - Storyline with parkour


    Giving, have became one of your biggest fear...but why?
    - Storyline with parkour


    2019 is here, a new year, are you ready for the party?
    - Parkour and mini games
    - Tower of luck
    < Insert Siggy here >

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    Hello everyone,
    Nominating my 3rd world for WOTD.

    World render:
    Name:  patricksweekend.png
Views: 70
Size:  1,023.1 KB

    World features:
    * Adventure Category
    * Story (Saint Patrick's Day story and real-life story (more info below))
    * P jammer
    * Z jammer
    * Weather Machine - St. Paddy (The best weather machine ever, by the way..)
    * Adventure Items
    * Adventure Doors
    * And other fun stuff.

    *NEW* Features and details that no one has in WOTD worlds:
    * (VERY INTERESTING) Real-life EXPLANATIONS, STORY and FACTS about Saint Patrick's Day!
    Abilites to change DIFFICULTIES:
    * Casual Difficulty: everything is normal and easy;
    * EXTREME Difficulty: you will be given 15 Minutes and 20 Lives to complete entire Adventure Map.

    WOTD infomation:
    GrowID: ANGOLS (Changed account couple of months ago, that's why my level is low)

    Hope everyone likes my art, my world, my details and design. Good Luck everyone!

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    Hello everybody this is St.Patrick's Week, go get some lucky clover in this world

    World Include:
    - Friendly Parkour
    - Good Story Line
    - A Song
    - Punch And Zombie Jammer
    - Some Pixel Art

    Here's the Render
    Name:  luckycluver.png
Views: 63
Size:  793.9 KB

    Thank You!
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    Default Presenting AIcouples

    Hello, and welcome to AIcouples! in here you can take a look on how the perfect couples were made in a much different way. Roam around the place and find hidden letters if youre not interested to know anything about this place. There are two different things to do in this world. a word search and parkour. Arts and everything in the world are all original, and its quite fun to build too

    Music in the world is self composed, so credits to partyatbackyard for creating Hej Monika.

    World includes:

    -PZ jammers and a firehouse too
    -VIP room
    -User friendly parkour. It is possible without wings, but slightly harder.

    This was made for the valentines bc.

    Anyways visit the world if you want too and play around there. Have fun there, as always


    Heres a render:
    Name:  aicouples-2.png
Views: 56
Size:  320.5 KB

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    Quote Originally Posted by zFerp View Post
    Hello everybody this is St.Patrick's Week, go get some lucky clover in this world

    World Include:
    - Friendly Parkour
    - Good Story Line
    - A Song
    - Punch And Zombie Jammer
    - Some Pixel Art

    Here's the Render
    Name:  luckycluver.png
Views: 63
Size:  793.9 KB

    Thank You!
    Don't posting same world everyday *ONLY ONCE*

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    Hi , my Name is Bear9
    I made a world for world of the day - WOTD
    THE WORLD called : Bear9
    Yea i made a wotd for a main world , i love it so much!
    And it looks like really cool! A lot of adventures , u will not be boring here! I used a lot of times for it!
    World has :
    P/Z jammers
    Weather machine : Nothingness
    Fire house
    Just a lot of adventures
    Cute song
    Name:  bear9.png
Views: 52
Size:  1.15 MB
    Thank you so much!
    Just hope i win!

    No story , sorry.

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    Default CASTLEOFCLOVER By DyzerKeyzer


    Once upon a day,when you able to go out from SHAMROCKHILL you found a CASTLE!!.you is curious and want to know more about the castle.who is the king and the history of this castle.and this is your story.

    World include

    -Newbie friendly
    -No need wing and shoes
    -There many new item and block (except clover checkpoint there only 20-30 block because hard to find seller)
    -PZ jammer
    -Weather Paddy day
    -Barrier & Torch system maze
    -many adventure items
    -and much more!!
    -Original !! (all from my mind)

    Owner : DyzerKeyzer

    Render :
    Name:  castleofclover.png
Views: 49
Size:  1.17 MB
    Thanks NekoRei
    IGN: DyzerKeyzer

    Goals :

    1.100% Awesomeness : [100/100] [ √ ]
    2.Have Focused Eye : [21/100] [ X ]
    3.Have 200 DLs : [15/200] [ X ]
    4.Farmed 1k to 20k seed : [ √ ]
    5.Won 10 WOTD this year : [ 2/10 ] [ X ]

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    The Time Jumpers is an adventure and parkour world. You have the ability to jump trough times and you want to unlock your full potential. After saying goodbye to your friend in Wayward Town, you decided to start your adventure by using your power. It might be fun to go back in time, but you haven't known the consequences of doing it too far.
    Find out what's next by going into the THETIMEJUMPERS.
    This world is compatible for newbies with no wings or shoes, so they can enjoy the world too.

    The story wasn't inspired by anything, it's just because of the world's name. Credit to MrConfirm that provided the night weather machine, some resources and made the song.

    This world contains:
    -PZ Jammer
    -Night and Sunny Weather Machine
    -Adventure Items
    -Sad Song

    Name:  thetimejumpers.png
Views: 49
Size:  728.7 KB

    Thanks Neko and Kairos
    IGN: MrStreak

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    Default WOTD Attempt

    Username: Wisdum
    About world: its an adventure/parkour map with some story line to it
    World render: Name:  forgottenwonderland.png
Views: 28
Size:  1.29 MB

    The world has pz jammers, ghost charm, pineapple guardian and a fire house
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    DRALUXTREA by Draluxes
    Name:  draluxtrea.png
Views: 33
Size:  907.9 KB
    This about me and my dragons! Explorin' treasure cave with advanced tech-o-system. and who's arrive to the hall of winner. I will put your name on the hall of sign!

    Mechanic used!
    * 3 Shockinator bot, yo.
    * Adv. Items and tricky parkour.
    * Punch and zombie jammer
    * Only a few sign to describe the dialogue.
    * Song playing : Dance of Violins - F77
    Bluragons can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised

    Looking for the most creativity WOTD!

    Profile Picture made by Crunchyy

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    Default WOTD nominate

    One day Morty and his friend played in the woods while looking for nuts.
    Suddenly there came an evil hunter, morty and his friend were scared. Then they ran away but the evil hunter managed to catch morty.
    Then the evil hunter locks Morty in the secret room.
    Morty's Dad ask someone to help save Morty and that person is you.
    Those who managed to save Morty will get a reward from Morty's dad. good luck.

    Theme : Parkour & Story
    World name : Findingmorty
    Grow id : mrCalvinz
    World build/design : mrCalvinz
    Inspiration : IOTM march 2019 (Morty The Elephant)
    World include basic jammers.

    render world
    Name:  findingmorty.png
Views: 24
Size:  2.08 MB

    Theme Trade world & Parkour
    World name : BUYCRACKFIRE
    Grow id : mrCalvinz
    World build/design : mrCalvinz
    Inspiration: new ridding plane 'Sturdy Crackfire Fighter
    World include :
    -zombie jammer
    -punch jammer
    -ballon jammer
    -ghost charm
    -weather machine
    -fire house

    Render world
    Name:  buycrackfire.png
Views: 23
Size:  167.4 KB


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    Default PROJECTLIMBO by GMarker

    For months, players have attempted to solve the puzzles of PROJECTOBLIVION. Although all of them agree that the puzzles are incredibly difficult, there are a select few who have managed to solve all of them, such as the puzzle creator GMarker. And some feedback received included heightened interest in puzzles and a general satisfaction of the world.

    So I’ve created a sequel.

    PROJECTLIMBO contains over 40 individual puzzles, a snowy landscapes parkour, an antigravity parkour, an 11-CyBots-parkour (cough Ubisoft cough) and a more difficult variant of the Trials of the Trees from PROJECTOBLIVION. The puzzles this time exposes players mainly to logic puzzles, including well-known variants of the Hats Puzzles, and Cheryl’s Birthday (Singaporean pride!!). Every single bit requires players to think outside the box, because not everything is as it seems. To top it off, I’ve included a storyline detailing how PROJECTOBLIVION came to be, who Mr Green is and wha- I’ll leave it to you to find out the rest.

    Also, to improve the gaming experience of the players, I’ve got P/Z Jammers and regular world lock without the mute function enabled (People complaining about the puzzles being too difficult has become a new personal pet peeve). I also added a PGuard. And of course the Snowy Weather. This time, I used custom music blocks throughout the world, after input from DynPlaysGT (thanks btw).

    On top of these, I’ve made some quality of life changes. I’ve noticed that these worlds usually take a really long time to complete, hence I’ve added checkpoints such that players can return to where they last left off if they disconnect / log off. I’ve also decided to allow players to skip puzzles that are out of their depth / do not wish to attempt, so that the puzzles do not become too much of a bother.

    So here’s the world render :

    Name:  projectlimbo.png
Views: 7
Size:  1.07 MB

    P.S. Puzzles are now moved to the first parts of gameplay, and parkour at the back, thanks to feedback from people who only want to try the puzzles. Although this means people who prefer parkour may complain.

    P.P.S. The bonus puzzle does not involve the teaser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DOOLE View Post
    So this is my world JungleOfTreasures.

    My GrowID is NEIPY

    So this world is about a jungle, some miners once hid a great treasure but they never returned... Complete this diffucult adventure world, to find the treasure!
    My friends cool world!
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    My name is Bear9 , and I made a world with a big fat dog hungry dog
    A lot of adventures in that world and parkours.
    That world have a funny race and a tricky cool place.
    World : TheHungryDog
    World has :
    P/Z jammers
    Weather machine
    Pixel art
    Funny race
    Adventure puzzles
    Name:  thehungrydog.png
Views: 3
Size:  789.5 KB
    Thank you!

    Another :
    World : Bear9
    A main world of my name!
    But have a lot of adventures and very funny parkours
    World has :
    P/z jammers
    Weather machine
    Fire house
    Adventure puzzles
    Name:  bear9.png
Views: 3
Size:  1.15 MB
    Thank u!

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    This is me world I like to produce. I spend 5 hours building pls make me win thank hope u like world subscriber atommate
    Name:  buyseed54dfghj.png
Views: 1
Size:  613.6 KB



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