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    Default ssp vends

    is there anyone who have experience with ssp vends and could you answer my questions much will a full ssp vend cost? much profit do you get per 1k ssp long does it take to sell out
    (x) level 22/60
    (x) 8/100 focused eyes
    (x) 3.5/20 dls(-mp,rayman)
    (x) 0/2 magplants
    (x) 0/1 rayman
    soon getting 20dls yey

    NEVER casino, usually you will lose all because of human greed. trust me, it happened before

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    1)I don't know exactly

    2)little wls

    3)weeks because alot of people do it already and in buyssp it full of spammers

    I don't suggest you to do an ssp vend because when I did I tried to sell stock for 3 weeks and I couldn't sell it and I lost 1 dl i total and quited ssp vend



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