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    Default Social Experiment

    So, I’ve been conducting a social experiment lately which I kind of started doing whilst I looked for people I could pay to clear my world. As you know, paying for services like that are risky because oftentimes it requires trust, and the clearer usually wants some payment before he/she starts.

    So, I agreed to pay a single WL to 50 players to clear my world, and I promised them that if they stayed and cleared the world, they’d be given an additional payment of 6 WLS. By the way, I genuinely would have paid this had they finished clearing.

    Here’s the results...

    47 out of 50 immediately took the WLS and left the world. I messaged each of them asking if they were going to break, but none responded.

    The other 3 people cleared until they managed to take out around 8 rows. I payed 3 of them an extra WL for not scamming me right away. 2 of them left after that.

    I currently have one player left who can still prove me wrong, but I’m just very disappointed. I could care less that I lost 50 WLS to be honest. That part matters precious little to me. It’s more the fact that people are willing to go THAT low to get just a single WL that disgusts me.

    Let me know what you think...
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    not to be rude i m suprised u didnt expect that
    also for you that wl mustve meant nothing for them it might have been worth alot
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    People nowadays...
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    I think it was interesting of you to do this social experiment it goes to show you how we stand as a community especially since we don’t trust each other as a whole. I feel as though there won’t be a way to fix it because of how the society is but there are ways to improve and change. If anyone or everyone made the effort to do something and help each other instead of just grabbing it for themselves and leaving the world and saying to themselves “hey I got a free wl instead of helping him”.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oma357 View Post
    not to be rude i m suprised u didnt expect that
    also for you that wl mustve meant nothing for them it might have been worth alot
    I’m sure he expected it but he wanted to see if there we’re people who would stay and finish.
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