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Thread: Investing items

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    Question Investing items

    I always heard about people earning lots of wls by investing useful items and sell them when they rise.

    But I don't that is something is good for investment.

    Example: Megaphone
    Some people says that megaphone is good to invest as it will rise slowly.
    But it don't seems like it does.

    So can anyone suggest me items that is good for investment?
    Or tell me how to know if a item is good to profit or no.

    As I know items that with characteristics below is good to invest:
    1. Useful and high on demand
    2. Hard to find

    But how can I know is it high or demand?
    And sometimes even the item is high on demand, it won't 100% rise too!

    Please help me!

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    clovers maybe?
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    One thing I realised about investing is that you should never listen to others recommendation. Instead, just work a little harder and find out what people need yet are too lazy to make themselves(eg. ances). If someone has a super profitable investment, do you think they'll tell you?
    Megaphone investment is really just dumb. They will always be available for 25wls for a Locke bot so why would they ever rise higher than that?
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