Hello Growtopians,

As you know, Growtopia has one of the most vocal and vibrant communities in the gaming world. With the April update, we decided to introduce a few things that will support its builders, the ones who create amazing content dedicated to our game and its infinite worlds!

Welcome... to the Community Hub!

The Community Hub is a place where we’llhighlight the very best content made by our players! This is for those who create – and enjoy! – high-quality content of all kinds, whether it’s a cool story world, tricky parkour challenge, YouTube video, or even an Instagram post.

The most incredible of these creations will now be featured in our Community Hub. The most interesting worlds will be manually selected for highlighting on the Featured Worlds tab, while the top YouTube/Instagram content makers can be found on the Creators tab.

Oh, and as an added benefit, those featured on the Creators tab will each receive a brand-new, totally personalized Awesome-o-Matic in-game!

Now let’s get into more detail:

Every three months, we will be selecting a few creators who did great content on Youtube or Instagram for the past few months and we will be giving them an Awesome-o-Matic item that is valid for 3 months only!

Every week, this item will produce one unique creator-exclusive block to be given away (not sold!) amongst their fans and subscribers! We will be choosing the new pool of creators every 3 months, but if someone does really well, they can be on the roster a few times in a row!

It’s also very important to keep in mind that creators need to follow these rules to be featured in the Community Hub:
- Do not create content against platform policies, and do not incentivize activities that are illegal, harmful, or inappropriate for minors.
- Do not post inappropriate contents in all public platforms.
- Content shouldn't promote anything against the game rules (such as scams or otherwise).
- Creators shall not sell their creator-unique blocks, but use them as a giveaway or other non-profit prizes.
- Creators shall not be involved in any shady activity in the game and should not violate the game rules themselves.
- Influencers are prohibited to use the blocks or giveaways to “promote other games”.
- Creators shall not create worlds that have inappropriate content and violate the Growtopian Code.

Please note that if you are a selected creator and fail to comply to these rules within the next three months, we may remove the Awesome-o-Matic and your channel from the Community Hub.


How do I become featured in the Creators tab?
In the Creators tab, we highlight players who have been creating the best content on YouTube and Instagram for the past 3 months.
There are 4 groups to be distinguished here:
1. Those with 150k YouTube subscribers and more
2. Those with 50-150k YouTube subscribers
3. Those with 50k subs Subscribers or less
4. Instagram creators

Every 3 months, we will pick 6 creators to participate in our program: 3 creators from Group 1, 2 creators from Group 2, and 1 creator from Groups 3 and 4.
Our exact picks depend on many factors such as quality of the content for the past 3 months, views, likes/dislikes ratio, and so on.
One participant can be on the list for several seasons in a row if the content quality stays high enough, but we will try to rotate the list.

Note: if the (Avg. views per video within 90 days)/(total subs) ratio for YouTube creators is below average we might consider to move an influencer to another group.

How to become featured on the Featured Worlds tab?
We select worlds that can be interesting for all players in the Featured Worlds tab. There is no specific rule attached to it, your world could always be featured because it’s a great parkour at all levels. Or just because it follows a hype trend, no commitment here!

Do I need to submit my world or channel in order to be featured?
You don’t have to submit your world or channel. We are constantly browsing content created for Growtopia both in game and on social media. The key to become chosen is great content! Express your imagination, be creative, keep high-quality standards, and who knows - maybe you’ll get featured too!

How we define the order of creators in Community Hub?
The creators are also featured in-game in our new Community Hub menu. The order of the creators there is based on the Groups above, with Group 1 being the first listed.

What other benefits do the chosen creators get?
There are no benefits for the chosen creators apart from being featured in the Community Hub and being able to use their personal Awesome-o-Matic for 3 months.

What is a creator-exclusive block and how it can be used?
This block is something that our new item Awesome-o-Matic can provide for Creators on a weekly basis. The purpose of this item is to be given away by the Creator (not sold!) and to become a unique and valuable item that can help drive more attention to the Creators!
NOTE: Players who were lucky to get the block within a giveaway can do whatever they want with it 

I saw a Creator violating one of the rules! What do I do?
We are constantly monitoring the content and in-game behavior of the Creators, but we cannot track everything. If you notice one of our Creators (regardless of them being on the current list) violating one or more of the above rules, please send us a ticket with details and proof. We will then carefully review the case.
NOTE: Any false claims will be taken as an offense and players will be punished for making us lose time investigating a false claim.