Hey guys, I figured I would start a friendly little monthly guessing game. Post below in this thread with your guess on which date the carnival will start for a chance at winning the wand. If this is well received I will start it again next month.

You are only allowed one guess per person, and you must have at least 50 posts to enter. On the day of the carnival, I will come back and declare the winner.

Please note:
I will choose the FIRST person to choose the date ONLY. If two people say 4/8, and it starts on 4/8, only the first person will win a prize.
The guess is for the date the carnival STARTS. If the carnival starts on 4/8, and your guess is 4/9, even though the carnival may be active, you still don't win.

EDIT: Please leave a world too so I can leave your prize if you win.

i dont know when the carnival is please don't spam me asking. i get asked almost every day and it gets really really old