I have found a glitch that I don't think is really important or game breaking but I think I should just post about it. So recently I was hanging out in the world known as "seeds" I was punching multiple times and it showed a particle that the tunic has never had, I think it has to do with the new trickster block because when I first found it, it had the effect of the trickster block when the little flying ball smashes into a block it shows a little explosion, it has taken multiple particle effects such as 1. Trickster explosion 2. Dance master crown 3. Ghastly robe. So far I have only seen those because I think the different particles that can show up depend on the people who may have that item inside the world you're in, I actually really like this effect because to be honest it isn't game breaking at all I haven't experienced anything bad from it and it suits with the (mystery) of the tunic, just so you know you have to punch a lot to get it to appear which is why I said I don't think it really isn't important, here is a picture Name:  Screenshot_2019-04-10-13-26-08-1.png
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