I havent been online for a couple of days, sorry 'bout that.
My father died of lung cancer, i am so depressed.
Now that i'm living with my grandmother, i just cant accept it.
I regret not going with him to the park to get some fresh air.
I regret saying those mean words everytime he gets angry because of my dumb deeds.
I regret spending almost my whole life sitting in an isolated room and not hanging out with him.
I regret not following his orders.
I totally regret everything.

I realized that, i should've done better, i wanna say sorry, i wanna hug him, i wanna kiss him, i wanna do the impossible with him, but it's too late.

I wanna overdose myself with sleeping pills and go with him but it's a sin.
I wish i was the one with the cancer. Watching him suffering in that hospital bed, i wanna hug him forever but it's already late.

I'll be quitting the forums, the game as well, thank you guys for everything.
I just wanna say, it's been fun with the internet but it's time to quit everything with this internet thingy and i wanna focus more with my life.

Ciao i love all of u </3