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Thread: Add Ramadhan Event At Growtopia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coffee View Post
    Bad idea, in my opinon it just causes more conflicts on "why isn't this religious event included"

    January-Anniversary Week: Celebrates another year of Growtopia.
    January/February-Chinese New Year: Celebrates a new year based on the chinese calendar. Celebrations include wearing red and giving out red envelopes filled with money (Hong Bao)

    February -Valentine's Week: A celebration BASED on religious events that CELEBRATES romance.

    March-St. Patrick's Week: Celebrates how christianity reached Ireland and THE HERITAGE OF CULTURE ITSELF. Also is Celebrated by parades, wearing green, shamrocks and ceilis( A social gathering where they usually dance.). Bonus mascot: Leprechauns.

    April-Easter Week: Celebration based on Christ's resurrection BUT is also celebrated by events that includes Easter Eggs a symbol of rebirth. Bonus mascot : Easter bunny.

    May-Cinco De Mayo Week: An annual celebration held on May 5. The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army's victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla.

    May/June-Super Pineapple Party: Some random event the former devs made (please do correct me if I'm wrong.).

    June/July-SummerFest: Literally means Summer Festival or an event to celebrate summer activities.

    August-Player Appreciation Week: A week where growtopia usually holds events that will benefit the player/ a mass release of cool stuff such as items/commands/tools , all that good stuff

    September/October-Harvest Festival: A harvest festival is an annual celebration that occurs around the time of the main harvest of a given region . This includes mooncakes and can also be known as the Mid-Autumn Festival.

    October/November-Halloween:Celebration of costumes, parties and spoopy stuff.

    November-Thanksgiving Week:Literally a celebration of being "thankful".

    December-WinterFest:Mistaken for "christmas" or jesus's day of birth. Literally means Winter Festival. A celebration to commemorate winter.

    and yes, most of these events are influenced/related to religious activities but you need to understand that they have made it marketable to the audience. Having a religious event like Ramadan where "Fasting" is the main objective or way to celebrate would be hard to implement. By any means I do respect Islam but unless you all have an idea on how to celebrate it such as activities that are MARKETABLE and APPROPRIATE I say its best to keep events as it is.

    and yes if there are any mistakes I made, feel free to correct me.
    You are correct about pine Appleweek but it was supported by forumer back in early grow. The creator of the idea is Aquarious
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    No, what the hell you want make people can't use consumable for a month?. Also i have enough religion stuff added to the game, this is a game

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    Hmm what if we put more update focused on about cooking?like new recipes for food and other activites that relate with growtopia style Especially ramadhan more focused about food right?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well i will try not relate this idea 'ramadan' with religions tho.hmm for example like this ramadan event could be use event for special recipes food that u can obtained or cook during the event only.hmm such as,a fopd recipes that couls changing your skin color,a bonus more exp or special random stuff during cooking? Or u can add more new item at salesman cooking category? Thank you for reading.sorry for my mess english
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcyEndGT View Post
    Well like others event cny,thanksgiving,xmass and etc.This Ramadhan event(eid mubarak) usually celebrated By Muslim people all over World.I Hoping if Gt Could add this Event tho? got Any opinion anyone?
    That is way too long for a growtopia event
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