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    Default Guild BLACKSMITH recruiting

    Guild level 13. Consistently ranked top 20. In the final startopia event for Spring Clash, we were ranked 11 (a large part to do with the pro guilds taking a break). Guild prizes unlocked between tier 17 and tier 20). We are a bunch of team players that do not make our members waste dls and unnecessary effort.

    For Summer Clash, we will be aiming for legendary branch. We require basic discipline to meet the min tier 17 personal requirement (and possibly tier 19 for startopia and surgery). Members place a refundable deposit 50wl (one-time off and will be returned to you when you leave, unless you did not participate in the event). If for some reason, you cannot contribute points or perform the event (like cook, surgery or startopian), you can help by donating pristines. We are also considering allowing players to skip 1 event while hitting tier 22/23 for another selected event (must be agreed early and not be a last minute request). We participate in all events. Visit world BLACKSMITH. Our guild corner is on the right.

    Leave a mail there, pm me, or any of my GE/GC if u interested to join, or have more questions.

    Our GE/GC include: Thugeinst, Avantoel, Chocomelts
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