This issue has happened before back when Seth and Hamumu had owned the game, but it went unnoticed for quite some time before somebody finally noticed it and mentioned the issue to Seth, who eventually fixed it.

So what exactly is the problem, you might ask?

Well, the issue is that the WOTD list has maxed out at 1999 WOTDS. This means that every time a new world wins, the oldest world on the list gets bumped off and disappears from the list. This means that probably around 100 worlds have been removed from the WOTD list already.

This happened previously when the number of WOTD worlds on the list was at 999. I’m not sure why, but this issue keeps occurring when the number of WOTD worlds reaches the next thousand.

If any moderators, developers or other staff members out there are reading this or see this, I kindly ask that you look into this issue and work on finding a solution.

If you cannot find one, I’d recommend asking Seth about what to do since he encountered this problem before and solved it.

Thank you,