Yeah, rules enforcer should not only @Mod and @Dev
Add @Senior.
They can ban 1 day and curse 3 hours.
It's needed in-game.
Requirement to be @Senior :

-Atleast 2 years with growtopia
-3000 Hours played
-Lv. 50
-Super supporter
-Can speak english very well
-Never banned in last 2 years for more than 1 day
-Banned = lost ur @Senior
-You can't do Normal @Mod command. Like invisible.but, you can hide @Senior colour
-you can ban people for 1 day, curse for 3 hours and do special report
-To be @Senior you must to Email Support
-Abusing your power = lost your @Senior title
-Doing something that enforce the rules, you will get 1 pt.have manny pts will give you chnace to become real @Mod

Idk, this is a suggestion or a solution.but imo this is so important to added in-game

P.S : @Senior Colour is either Sky blue or brown

Thank you for reading this thread