hello smol (and bigg) precious beans, i am hosting a contest ! I currently want a new ign, and i am toooo lazy to think of girl names. So here, the contest is: make me an ign. here are stuffs that i would not like to be included:

this will be updated

- the word girl or gamer in the ign
- an abundance of the letter x, (i.e., XxGiRLZgamerxX. please, no.)
- i don't like putting in capital letters, for example, (MyName) so it should be one word only

stuffs i do want:

- it should be a cute, and unique girl name.

The winner would be picked, tomorrow, at 8:00 in the evening, PST (Philippine Standard Time) please include our ign and world name. There are no maximum number of entries in this contest.