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    Default Art Contest 1DL

    Alrighty I will be Giving 1DL who transforms this drawing the best!

    Edit: Since all you are great artists, 2-3rd place will be rewarded with 5wl!

    Edit:2 4-5th will get 1 wl.

    Please use a color scheme of red, blue, green and black, and maybe purple and anything else that works well.

    Make it intimidating!

    Name:  A0A6A585-9049-4D5F-8736-B5E82DF3E6BF.jpeg
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    The creature in the center is a reptile.
    CURRENT LEADER(s): Crunchyy

    2nd Place, ElectroLava9
    3rd Place, PandaArtack
    4th Place, SwordsGT
    5th Place, Stalter02

    The Deadline is May 23rd

    Congrats to our winner, Crunchyy!! (Please tell me the world name Crunchyy)

    Name:  F63AD12C-F156-4677-B08D-C8FACB55326F.png
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    2-5th place winners please post your world names IN THIS THREAD!
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    Found this XD
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    1 DL Art Contest!
    (After Harvest Fest)




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