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Thread: So, university vs college. What?

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    Default So, university vs college. What?

    Ive done some research and even watched something about it and yeah. Its confusing me because one of my aussie dood said theres no college there, all universities. Meanwhile here, in the philippines, college and universities.

    Its confusing but i get that the one has more students than the other one and the one is for undergraduate only but the other one is for both.

    I dunno, kinda bugs me so if i sounded stupid asking this, im sorry lol. I want to know your understanding between the two.
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    Where I live college is what normal grade school is called, and university is where you go after you finish that. Where you get diplomas and go into debt.
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    College is basically budget university.
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    Upon searching on google and clicking the first result
    Like you said University contains graduate school. Some example of graduate courses are medicine, law, master degree, etc. Graduate school is something you can only go to upon completing college.
    College on the other hand only have undergraduate courses. This is where you go after finishing high school or grade 12 or whatever your country has.

    So basically a university has a college. But not all college is a university
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    Quote Originally Posted by hunt2man View Post
    Where I live college is what normal grade school is called, and university is where you go after you finish that. Where you get diplomas and go into debt.
    Same, yet here you still have some Unis with College in the name

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    The difference between college and university is small but it is. College is the same high school, while the university is a higher education institution where you master a particular specialty with which you will be connected in later life. You get a diploma at a university and you can get a prestigious job because of this. I went to college and university, and some aspects are very similar there.

    For example, an approach to teaching students, homework, so you should be prepared for such exercises, here I got some usefull help during my college study and the main thing you need to understand that university is the beginning of adult life and that's all



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