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    Default May Update

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    Dear Growtopians,

    May is here and we have plenty of new stuff for you!
    • The new Item of the Month! Discover a whole new you with the Genie's Lamp!
    Branch 4 of the Spring Clash is now available! New cool rewards await!
    • New addition to the Monthly Bundle: the Ill Growmoji!
    Scarfy-Scarf is the May's Subscribers' Item designed by TraxyGT!

    Plus, the Da Vinci Wings has been unlocked too! Please read this announcement for more details:

    And don't forget to share your feedback here.

    Happy gaming y'all.

    ~ NekoRei
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    Default May Update - Dev Diary!

    Hello Growtopians!

    We've got a lot of cool stuff for you in May, from the final prizes of Spring Clash to a very classy IOTM, but right now, you should all be diving into the grungy, creepy, extra-icky content of the Gross-Out update! This is a nifty update I've been secretly hyped about for two reasons: One, because we haven't added a new recurring monthly event in ages, and two, because gross stuff is fun.

    Now, why would I ever push for something so incredibly... ew? Well, because it's silly and weird and rare, just like Growtopia. Honestly, think about all the other games you play - would any of them have an update like this? Gross stuff has been a part of entertainment for ages (just look at Ren & Stimpy or Rocko's Modern Life), but you rarely see it in videogames, especially mobile games, and I thought that was a shame, because, again, gross stuff is fun.

    That said, I know not everyone feels the same way, which is why Gross-Out will only be sliming your screens for three days out of any given month, rather than 24/7. In this update, you'll be turning yourselves into explosive prize piñatas of grossness, cooking and eating all kinds of truly terrible things in the hopes of getting even more terrible rewards! This part is really fun, because it pulls in cooking, experimentation (there's more than one way to get yourself grossed-out, with different prizes involved), and careful planning - as well as a little luck, of course.

    I really hope you guys enjoy this update. We always want to try new stuff with Growtopia to keep things fresh, and this is a push in that direction to add something really out-there in terms of theme. If not, that's cool too - at the end of the day, this game is about you awesome people, so either way, let us know!

    Oh, and finally, I've heard a few people mention this sort of update isn't really for kids, and to that, all I can say is, have you ever met a kid?

    Happy grossploding!

    P.S.: The alternate name for this update was "Grosstopia," which I think would also have been pretty great.



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