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Thread: The Legendary Tournament (Pet Battles update!)

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    Default The Legendary Tournament (Pet Battles update!)

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    Bring in all my Pet Battlers - the Grandmaster Peng is here!
    I am gathering all my top pet battlers from every tournament to face each other to win the next Master of all Pet Battlers!
    Be warned, my grandfather has tricks up his sleeves...
    - Master Peng

    What is the yearly Legendary Tournament?
    The Legendary Tournament consists of different challenges picked randomly upon starting a match, opting out will result in losing points.

    Who is allowed?
    > Pet battlers that have reached top 20 at least once
    > Pet battlers that have never obtained top 3 (to give others chance to be the top)
    > Pet battlers that are in the top 200 for that year.

    So you have to work to be one of the top! Entry is free.


    Not in top 200?
    You can eat a limited edition popcorn chicken for 2,000 gems (untradable) for a chance to get in (can only be eaten when a tournament match is going on).
    Can be bought only if the player have participated and won a match in the tournament before.

    Top 3 Pet Battlers of the Yearly Tournament will get a Legendary Staff to spawn their battle pets.

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    Description: The ends contain the souls of the best battke pets possible, hold your staff in the middle!
    Effect: Sparkles

    What are your thoughts? Do you have any suggestions to add on? Feel free to share them below!
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