We all know how most items with punch effects can be re-equipped in an order to allow your other items to show their effect. Such as re-equipping to let your The Gungnir fire instead of your eye visor. This has been this way for a long time, and it has been broken recently. I'm not sure about the exact number of items doing this, but I know 4 items for sure. They are the IOTM from last month, Eyes on Stalks, Giant Eyeball Head and Drabbit's Foot.

NO MATTER what order you try to equip them with other items, they will override effects of hand items, resulting in you often losing out on the effects you want shown. For example, when you wear legendary dragon AND Eyes on Stalks, ALWAYS 100% of the time it will be the lame laser from the eyes, rather than the cool fire from the dragon. While some people might prefer the laser instead, we should be given the choice to swap between the effects rather than stick to one. Then, Drabbit's Foot overrides almost EVERYTHING, shown to override both face, hat & hand item punch effects. We really need the choice to be able to choose, just like how it always has been.