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Thread: A word of advice to those who save their worldlocks and don't bother spending 'em

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    Default A word of advice to those who save their worldlocks and don't bother spending 'em

    Disclaimer: this may be long so if you don't like to read long paragraphs or aren't interested in someones opinions/advice don't go further.

    As we all know a lot of growtopians these days save their worldlocks in hopes of gaining more. They want to profit and exceed an unimaginable amount of worldlocks, for the sole purpose of buying an item or for a feeling of satisfaction which generally is anything that requires worldlocks. But there's a slight risk when we do this and thats losing it all or the majority of what we had. That form of satisfaction and hard work is suddenly gone. This unfortunately can happen in several ways like getting scammed or hacked. Hard work and dedication is what you've put in to reaching your economic status/ networth. Hours and hours of grinding for a goal that within seconds can be perished. When this does happen we obviously question ourselves to find out how this happens. One of those questions you may ask yourself is, "why didn't I spend my worldlocks", and maybe "I could of had ____ instead of nothing", or "I could've of donated or gaveaway my worldlocks". We're in a state of regret. My point is that saving up your worldlocks can sometimes be a bad idea, and that that not enjoying your hard work because of trying to save up can be bad.
    Thats why I want encourage Growtopians to enjoy their worldlocks however they want without worrying about profiting and saving up. There's practically no point in saving your worldlocks if your not going to use them at all. Again, practically. Something "recently" happened to me that really encouraged me to speak out and raise awareness about this. And again it has already happened millions of times to other people including me but it feels like my responsibility to speak up. I was originally going to discuss this like 2 or 3 months ago but I just never had the motivation. It certainly doesn't feel "recently" but to me it does as time has passed by quickly.

    Remember guys what I really want to say is that you should enjoy your hard earned worldlocks before its too late that you lose it all and ruin your Growtopian experience.
    ^Up Here basically sums it up
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    So... why? If people enjoy hoarding World Locks, then let them do it...
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    It is also possible to hide em in an slocked world, not only that but also with clever hiding of it. They can use up half of it, or a quarter of it if they want to. That way, they still have their hard-earned wls AND have an item that they worked hard for.

    Quote Originally Posted by Derpy Peanut View Post
    So... why? If people enjoy hoarding World Locks, then let them do it...
    did you even read the thread? use your eyes....

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    as an inactive player, inflation is the biggest killer O.o

    the value of locks drop dramatically while prices of certain items shoot up (i’m looking at you, my recycled sugar cane seeds which i bought for 200/wl)



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