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Thread: U dont know me... but Im back :>

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    Post U dont know me... but Im back :>

    Hi guys! Im back

    Long story short: I was an ex forumer who had decided to quit growtopia 2 years ago to concentrate on my studies...
    I have since finished my course and am looking to rejoin the growtopia community and start playing again

    I've decided to take a new approach on growtopia by creating a new account and starting over again
    (Dont bother asking me for my previous forum name or growtopia ign as i really want to take this 'fresh' experience seriously)

    My return to growtopia has truly been a roller coaster experience with the many new items and blocks and the depreciation of the world lock's value

    While this post may be overlooked... I just want to share my thoughts and feelings with others and hope to seek guidance through making new friends again

    Psyche9 (My new IGN)

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    welcome back!

    im one of the newer and toxic peeps!

    Discord: scr0nchi#1435
    Ign: ItzEaglet
    Main: EagsWorld
    Ig: hey_im_eaglet

    My english is deteriotiating :[

    Pl0x Don8 in EagDonate yes

    Pwease visit :3



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