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    Default Robot Wants The World

    In celebration of Hamumu's latest game release, Robot Wants It All( link), I am giving away one copy of Robot Wants It All. (on either Steam or Plus your choice of one 'Mod tool' (fire wand, freeze wand, or duct tape)

    How can you win it?

    Build a world, based around the Robot Wants series. Then post the world render in this thread.
    You may make your world however you like, but preference in judging will be based upon good aesthetic and fun gameplay. Of course, the world must also be themed around Robot Wants. This could mean adding your own chapter to continue the Robot Wants saga, recreating one of the games in Growtopia, or whatever sort of spin you want to put on the concept. Slapping a Robot Wants Dubstep on a parkour world will not be sufficient.

    The Robot Wants games are primarily what are known as Metroidvania style games, so you may wish to implement these themes in the world you create rather than a straightforward parkour.

    If you would like to research the original Robot Wants games, they can be found on many flash game websites such as Kongregate (this links directly to Hamumu's page).

    The deadline for these worlds is June 22nd. That's just over a month to create a world, so I want to see some good ones!

    Additional prizes may be distributed in the case of a split decision.

    Important Notes:
    • No entries after June 22nd!!! Sliding deadlines have ruined past contests, be done on time!
    • Post your entry IN THIS THREAD! No submissions via other means! (unless stated otherwise in the future, I may open this Instagram)
    • MUST fit the theme. While it is open to interpretation, if its only relation to the theme is that you slapped Robot Want Dubstep all over it will not be accepted!
    • Pixel art is allowed, but will not necessarily score you any positive points if its size detracts from the rest of the world. Nice art is nice, but I want a good world too.
    • Teamwork is allowed, but note that the prize is one single unit that cannot be split or shared. Multiple copies will not be given to teams
    • Please make only one entry, just make it the best!
    • Bonus Points for world names containing "ROBOTWANTS"
    • Don't submit it until you're done, as your world may begin being judged as early as you submit them. This is to alleviate past issues with the judging process.
    • You must have an email or steam account to receive the prize! You may send it to a friend if you wish, but the gift message will say it was for winning this contest!

    I anticipate that winners will be announced the first week of July.

    More details/updates may arrive, so keep an eye on this thread if you're interested. I am considering offering an alternative Growtopia-based prize upon request if the winner has no interest in the official prize.
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