Here's the deal. I've basically quitted Growtopia (inactive) and would like to invest in someone with 100dls I got. Before this starts, I do require you to deposit me something before getting the dls (mostly world's). For example: "I'll deposit BUYREDS for the 100dls investment". You get access to the world and you can have full link. But don't be silly like "I'll deposit BUYFISHWALLMOUNT for 100dls since the world is barely worth anything. I'll judge the price of world (fairly, I guarantee) before accepting your offer. So here's how you get a chance in this:

1) Tell me your plan for the 100dls
2) What's your deposit?
3) How much will I get daily if I invested in you. (I'll require you to drop in dbox in a CCTV world)
(if you got 0wls that day, it's your problem. You still need to give me the wls said daily)
4) What's your experience in doing this?
5) How long is the investment? 1 year? (if a year you still need to pay me daily. I just want to know how long would you be willing to use the dls)

I'll add more questions as time passes

I recommend BFG since winterfest is coming, but you'll need super hard work on it. Around 10 hours per day even if it's chand if you have a special idea and you sure you can profit but just lack some dls, this thread is for you.

If the investment fail, you can't pay me daily like you said, or what so ever, I'll take away the deposit you've gave, that's the function of the deposit BTW.

You MUST have deposit, which is worth 100dls or more, no exceptions. If you don't have, then I'm sorry since past experiences aren't so good for me. That's all.

Note: Don't rush through your plannings. If something goes wrong with your plan it's your responsibility and your loss. Deadline is 20 days starting from now. Give me detailed plans as possible.

Thanks for participating.