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Thread: Thank you.

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    Default Thank you.

    I want to keep this short and sweet, but thank you. It's been 6 years since I've been playing Growtopia and about 5 years since I've joined the forums, and even it's just a video game, and some forums for a video game, it really helped shape and change who I am today. I havem't been on the actual forums much recently since I've been playing LoL, Siege, and I've been busy owning a discord server, but I still am thankful for the joy this game has brought me. It has taught my stubborn self to double check everything, and in general it helped me stay on my toes about potentially harmful individuals. Thanks for all the people who welcomed me in this community. Thank you to the community who has existed and accepted me despite being very young in my earlier years of being here. Thanks to all the mods who moderate the forums and play the game. Thanks to Sethmumu for creating this game, and thanks to the Ubisoft staff who work on this game/forums for trying to keep this game relevant and attempting to appeal to the community despite the backlash you may get a lot of the time. Despite the memes, I actually love a lot of this forum community.

    Thank you.

    Here's to 6 years and more to come.
    tl;dr: Thanks to the forum community and the game community for everything. Happy birthday to me.
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    Ah. Happy Birthday. I think i may have removed you as a friend lol

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    I don't know you much but farewell to you, man. Wishing to know you better~.

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