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    Default My moderator application

    Right now I have Reddit on one tab and Forums on another. It's sharp contrast between a serious, elegant, dark mode comptatible design and this circus of a website. I'll go as far as to say that it's NSFW, as in I'm too embarrassed to open it in my place of study without reducing screen brightness to minimum.

    Reddit's thread system would make it incredibly easy to maintain multiple conversations in the same thread without derailing it. And just imagine how many posts, each of which takes quarter of a screen, would fit in one screen in a comment section - at least ten, and it'd look much neater.

    Here's a comparison. Note the "information to screen area" ratio, the redundancy and signatures, and generally the fact that I can't fit two posts on one screen. No offense to the guy whose name I have dignity to not type out.

    I'm starting to have thoughts on writing a Reddit bot that just replicates everything that happens on Forums in a separate subreddit. For someone who doesn't participate, that's a great way to browse Forums without having to scroll down on every new page to hide Buddy from his coworkers.

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    Nevermind the thread title, I was having some thoughts before that.

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    And it is true.
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