Alright. Picture this. Your getting ready to play growtopia and so you look up the good old random worlds section and enter a world. Well a random one. And to your horror this world ended up being a casino world. And so you end up trying to report the world and serve justice. Atlast the owner realised your actions and banned you before you got the chance to submit your report. You who are now banned from the world cant barely do aything. It is impossible to report a world without being there or report a player without being close to them.

So was i hard to picture that?
Chances are for quite a number of you picturing that scene might have been easy because you may have experienced the scene yourslef a few times.

So i would like to add these new ingame commands to resolve this.

Here are the beautifull commands:

Lets say you want to report the world name zegonic

/reportworld zegonic

Or the player inferno:
/reportplayer inferno

Note:upon entering this command the regular report popup box would appear requesting a valid reason for your report. Cause i mean, whats the point of a report without any reason.

So yea there we go. These are the commands i hope get added in game. Let me know below what you guys think about it. Cause i feel like it would have a big impact on the game.