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Thread: IDEAS on making the PLAYER COUNT RISE!

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    Default IDEAS on making the PLAYER COUNT RISE!

    I'd like to start my conversation off by saying that I'm not at all with the situation that Growtopia is headed. Yes, yes I know people have been saying things like that for years but listen,

    -When was the last a update was made that catered both to rich players and the poor players?

    -What things are Ubisoft making to attract new players?

    Regarding the 1st question, most updates are aimed at rich players. They demand world locks which naturally most new players don't have. Some new players go as far as to spend all their Locks on those only to quit afterwards. This has to be fixed.

    Regarding 2nd question, It may not seem like it but most pf the updates are for keeping new players as I states in the upper paragraph this sprt pf updates do not interest your average poor player (they are a majority). The only thing that there is in the game for a poor player is simply farming which is not at all ideal. Makes them quit. Must be fixed. How? I don't know. How do other games do it?

    What we must understand is a average player ingame is far far different then a average player on the forums. Players on forums are mostly already well off players. A new player won't straight up open a forum account. Updates must be made to cater to new players. Even If a rich player wanted to explore All the new items and updates it'd literally take him months. Why make unnecessary updates and blow off funds?

    These are simply my thoughts. Thank you. Feel free to add your own opinions.
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    No offense to ubisoft:
    Uhh maybe no,I LOVE GT

    There are lots of features that pros have while noobs have limited

    What if a starter pack? Nope,ez to abuse

    I admit I'm poor since 2016,cuz I don't play GT often
    Theres some features that noobs and pros both have,but it's getting boring
    Most of items are expensive TBH
    What if theses a month where noobs have lots of incoming features?
    Discounts, complete task to get cool items etc
    This will make player count rise too,
    It can be abused tho
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    I'm agree on what you said in additional I want them to add the tutorial/guide for new player not only on world "START" because it only teach about normal things like what is Dirt?, what will you get when you break dirt? its only like that. I mean new player or starter didnt know how to trade at all, like what is the main bases of trade; some not know that world lock is the bases of the trades of item/world. I just want to add more instruction like "World Lock is the bases of the price of items and worlds." like that and tutorial on how to earn the first world lock on starters and what to invest when you got world locks. Plus if moderators make the tutorial like so long maybe it would lessen the spammer so much because if they create an account it will take too long before to go in other worlds.

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    Updates for rich = p2w/endgame

    Updates for poor = grindfest/botmania

    With regards to the 2nd question, what can a poor person do that a richer person cant.
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