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Thread: Comments on Star Vs. The Forces of Evil: Series Finale?

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    Question Comments on Star Vs. The Forces of Evil: Series Finale?

    Helloooooo, welcome to my first TV show review ever (don't know if this will also be the last one).

    I've watched the finale episode for 3 times to see if I can understand things more but didn't really help. I didn't like how it went. I suggest you to watch the show before reading this. If you don't mind, uh read it.

    It was a happy ending but many things annoyed me. The writing was rushed, a dumb decision was made. This show has 4 seasons (which is more than most of Disney shows) yet it's still uncomplete and unquestioned. If they wanted to make Starco happen, they should've happened earlier.

    I believe Star's behavior started the forces of evil. She's been selfish many times.

    Toffie needs more presence, though. Nothing is perfect, the ending is ok for me.

    By the way, someone made a petition which now has over 22,000 supporters now. Glad to see people want the show to come back but is useless to be honest.

    A spin-off for Eclipsa would be great. I give it a 7 out of 10.

    What are your thoughts on the show?

    I don't post much today because I have school, alright, bye~. I might try to write other show/cartoon reviews when I'm bored and have free time.
    How was Game of Thrones? I never watch it so I don't know.

    I don't usually watch Disney shows seriously but this is one of the best shows from them so I watch it. I mainly watch Cartoon Network shows.

    Probably will add more sentences to this thread, gotta do homework.
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    Bring Star vs. the Forces of Evil back



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