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Topic: Casinos/Illegal Gambling

According to my 1 year research, the roots of Spamming, Hacking, Illegal Gambling will be mentioned in some parts of my following statements.

Growtopia staffs are unaware about the business going on outside Growtopia. Base from my surveillance players are hoarding World Locks, Diamonds Lock, Blue Gem Locks to sell it outside the game.

What causes them to hoard these Locks?
They tend to sell it for real money, the result will be urging players to hoard it from casino business and the other topic now will join in the story.

Casino business consists players, watchers, and the host. If you are the player you can advertise the game simply outside, since no one is moderating and UbiTeam doesn't have full control with that. Watchers, tends to get some idea how they will hoard it. Lastly, the host who mostly hoard it easily, they advertise and profit easily.

Hoarding locks from gamblers needs players, so the spambots will join us to the story, and hacking for those who urges to earn more locks.

Ubisoft Team Action:

What the UbiTeam is doing right now is a short term progress to get rid of casinos, spammers, hackers. What we need is the long term progress.

To wipe out casinos, spammers, hackers.
UbiTeam should focus hunting or scare away the hoarders who sell locks outside the game. It's all connected, spambots are spamming the name of casinos, hackers using it to win the gambling, gamblers to hoard and sell it for money. Once they start this banning program, hoarders will start to get scared and casinos will slowly die.

Another discovery that I found,
They sell locks with their real account, and play casino or host casino with dummy accounts. They transfer the locks to the main account.

Note: If they want to start hunting these players down, they should check social medias with anonymous account to catch the preys.