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Thread: Summer Shells!

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    Quote Originally Posted by altaccount View Post

    Simplified Version of This Thread

    [Shell Scooper]
    • 25,000 gems in store.
    • Function - This tool will be used to find Summer Shells in worlds.
    • Description - With this scooper, you can track down Summer Shells around Growtopia!
      • Works like Geiger Counter and Egg Hunting Basket.
      • 15 minutes cool down/charge after finding a shell.
      • Can be used in Beach Blasted/any worlds and when Summerfest is active.

    [Summer Shell]
    • Can be found using Shell Scooper.
    • Can be found placed in Beach blasted worlds.
    • Function - It can be used for item recipes or a currency for Summer Merchant (Explained below).
    • Description - Disposed by an animal, washed off from the ocean, perhaps you'll be the next one to abandon it? This hard object might be useful though.
      • Many types of Summer Shells can be found.

    [Alternative Options For Developers]
    • Summer Shells can be found hidden in Treasure Chests in a Beach blasted world.
    • Summer Shells can be obtained by breaking Sands using Shell Scooper.
    • Summer Shells can be obtained by opening Summer Surprise.
    • Only one/multiple type(s) of Summer Shell can be found.
    • Shell Scooper can only be used in specific worlds made by Devs. Ex. Geigerhills.

    [Optional Additions]
    • Some Summer Surprise items can also be found using Shell Scooper.
    • Skill based Shell Hunting using Shell Scooper. When you reached the rapid green circle, A winged shell will pop out and fly around the world, you have to capture it by chasing and punching it 3 times. After breaking it, it will release 2-5 Summer Shells. The Shell will fly around and stop for a second every 5 seconds, you have to break it in less than 1 minute.
      • This can be done by using Shell Scooper.
    • Dark Night Shell Hunting, worlds will be made by Ubisoft. How it works: World will be a beach with dark cave as a background, there will be hidden Surprise Shells around that world and players who's in the challenge needs to find all the hidden Surprise Shells, If they failed, no prizes will be given.
      • Ticket for the "Dark Night Shell Hunting" will cost 5,000 gems for 5 Tickets.
      • To join the challenge, enter the challenge world and wait for the intermission or the next round. 1 ticket would be consumed once you enter the challenge.
      • 10 Surprise Shells will be needed to find by 20 players in 1-2 minutes.
      • Surprise Shells can be found in a maze or by digging in a Beach world made by Ubisoft. (Blocks broken will not drop any seeds or itself)
      • When the challenge was done successfully, each player will receive 1 Surprise Shell.
      • Surprise Shell will be converted to 1-3 random Summer Shell/random Summerfest item when consumed.
      • Night Vision Goggles will not work in this world, only Torches, Flashlight, Headlamp, and etc.
    • Lonely Mermaid's Concerto, A mermaid's world made by Ubisoft. This world will consist of 15 slots surrounding the Mermaid, each player will be placed in those slots with their Shell Horn. If you fail to follow the Mermaid's note, you die!
      • Shell horn can be purchased from the store for 5,000 gems.
      • Players who consumed the Shell Horn will be sent to the Mermaid's world along with the other players.
      • Players will be only sent to a world with enough players to start a round.
      • They should mimic every single sound by tapping the punch button at the right time, sometimes there are unnecessary sounds that are added to the tune that will kick some players out of the game.
      • Players who failed to follow the right tunes will be kicked out.
      • The higher the round is the harder it gets. There will be 15 rounds.
      • Prizes given will depend on the round you survived.
      • Credits: Zeralt
    • Summer Merchant, This merchant will be similar to Nutcracker and Locke. In exchange for Summer Shells, he will offer you Summer items!
      • Summer Merchant only comes during summer.
      • Summer Merchant spawns in random Beach Blasted worlds every 30 minutes.
      • 1,000 players will receive a broadcast from Summer Merchant in a random Beach Blasted world.

    Questions and feedbacks regarding Summer Shells will be highly appreciated

    Old version of this thread

    Hello there!

    Wow! This must have taken a lot of time! I think your idea is GREAT and i hope it gets implemented! Good luck my friend!

    - Gustav30103

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    Summerfest is here already... No Summer Shells tho. Last hope is PAW, if ever this item will be in PAW, I think the name should be replaced (ex. Mysterious Gems) and can be gotten using Skills with a bit of RNG.

    I really appreciate having my "Shell Scooper" in the Suggestions Megathread. Thank you, NekoRei and the people who supported me.

    Suggestions about my suggestion are still welcome.



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