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Thread: What's your profit methods? + My Old Days

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    Lightbulb What's your profit methods? + My Old Days

    Hello bois. I'm looking for a profit method recently. I'm trying to profit with Gems now but it's taking very long time. I earned just 3.8k gems with L Grid in 30 mins... So, I'm lazy to farm. And I'm wondering riches' profit methods.
    How you guys profiting? (Don't suggest me farming. I already said I'm lazy to farm )

    Also I have just 2 wls right now! OMG! What a noob! I miss old days! I got a GHC in the last Valentine's Week. But I was stupid and I always bought overpriced items and I sold cheap to buy easily. And all my wls were gone. Just I had a Rayman's Fist after this. But I sold my Rayman's Fist too. I bought 2300 GBCs and BOOM!.. WHAT I GOT??.. NOTHING! I'm very and VERY regretful for this. I'm trying to get a GHC again in last days. But all my effords are TRASHING again and I always getting a TRASH item...
    ~ єνєяувσ∂у ωαитѕ тσ gσ нєανєи. вυт иσвσ∂у ωαитѕ тσ ∂ιє... ~


    - Get a Magplant (0/1)
    - Level up to 125 (46/125)
    - Get Rayman's Fist (0/1)
    - Find a Rainbow Egg (0/1)
    - Drop a GHC in GBCs (Done!)

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    Best way currently: BFG

    The method I'm using: ssp vend shop

    Unless you can get 2mags, everything you do will be extremely hard and requires alot of effort.


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