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Thread: [Discussion] Player Appreciation Week 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by NekoRei View Post
    Going through the suggestions now and evaluating them. You should see some of them by EOD or tomorrow morning.
    By the way, can you remove some suggestions in the megathread that were added in game?

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    Default Flower Power: More flowers and a vase!

    Hey, my suggestion for the game is to add more flowers and a vase to the game!
    The only good option to decorate a table right now is to either put a potted daisy or a flower without a vase onto the table.
    Potted daisies get boring pretty quickly and placing a flower without a pot does look really bad! The only other vase there is in Growtopia is an amphora, but it is one block high and should not be placed on a table. Thats why i have the idea of a new vase!

    How it works:
    It works like a display block, but you can only place flowers in it! Here are some example images i made of the vase + flowers in it!


    Also if you add more flowers to the game even better combinations would be possible, and more creativity!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NekoRei View Post
    Do you have anything in mind specifically? Would be nice to get some specific ideas out.
    Sia’s wig would be nice.

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    Tournament Fixing

    Basically this thread:!

    But I've copy and pasted the thread for simplicity's sake:


    Not even my suggestion, but a way of collapsing tools (Crime Cards, Surgical Tools, etc.) into a single inventory slot.

    Epic Quests Expanded

    Add more Epic Quests. When they were first introduced they weren't just expensive/challenging, but they encompassed the entire game. Since then the game has received update upon update, it would be good if the new updates received some light in the Epic Quests, it only has to be easy stuff; e.g. "Beat Growlactus". The Epic Quests are like Achievements but the difference is there's only one for each area of the game, and some are obscure things you wouldn't see in an Achievement.

    Home World/Warping to Favourite Worlds

    Self-explanatory. Either make a home world "/home" and a "/hwarp" or allow "/f1-10warp", e.g. "/f5warp"

    New Animal Displays
    Actually I ripped this suggestion off someone from earlier in the thread, but you could implement something like GraalOnlineClassic's bug-catching. You used to be able to catch bugs in that game and then release those bugs in your house/guild house. There were super rare bugs that you would be lucky to even see; an update similar to this could be implemented where you obtain bugs through one method or another (preferably something like bug-catching from GraalOnlineClassic)... This sort of stuff:

    New Cybots
    New Cybots. Such as Ghost-Cybot and Crazy-Ghost Cybot. These cybots either slime or make you go crazy when you come into contact with them. They'd essentially be ghosts with controlled movement, great for parkour.

    Also Silkworm-Raising Cybots, you could program these to move and then have a "Tend to Worm" command that lets the Cybot harvest silk/water worm/feed worm.
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    Mac fullscreen please
    this is boring
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    Lightbulb Pin Head Set (with Photo)

    PinHead Set (Credits To Me I Edit on growtopians)
    Name:  PinHead Growtopian.PNG
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    Suggestion: Turtle leash. More info in my thread.

    My turtle leash suggestion was created over 2 years ago. You can click that link or the picture in my signature to go to the thread. Turtles always sat on your head or you've sat on its head, so it's time it follows you around and be your best buddy.
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    Here's what I want.

    Day 1: Converting World Locks to Gems: You can basically convert World Locks to Gems! It should be around 1000/1500 gems per World Lock converted.
    Day 2: The return of Super Duper Broadcast: As it says, Super Duper Broadcast comes back in its original glory!
    Day 3: /point, /confused, and /concerned: These three commands will help with communication!
    Day 4: Super Megaphone: This neat item makes Super Duper Broadcasts for you! It's really neat, I promise.
    Day 5: World Lock Vending Machines: You will be able to finally sell your World Locks in a Vending Machine!
    Day 6: /pullall, /banall, and more!: That's right, new commands for all you world owners and other people out there!
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    Who are you and where did you come from?
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    2.LOCK finder

    3ACCESS finder.

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    I think the Gauntlet's annoying text should be remove and let us move blocks in pulbic worlds/area

    also a remake for the legendary comet hair

    and buff the Protodrake,it cost alot more time and dls than most of the dragons but it does nothing but shoot purple fire

    and my meme suggestion

    probably add more supermoddanceparty world

    also remove /dab
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    The ability to delete many friends at once and look through the world's u have access / small lock etc. In
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    Default My suggestion

    No one seems to be suggesting block type of thing, so here:

    Industrial Pipe

    (I’ll be adding more soon)

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    Cause we don't have any other nice girl hairs than long surfer and cause you didn't give us legendary girl hair yet, i want this shape pure white hair. Why white? Well, i want that i can dye pure colors, so after i have 2 options for long girly hairs (this new and surfer), i can even decide colors exactly like what i want. Hair shape can be different too, but hair needs to be long and it needs to cut half of head away, so face wont be so masculine. Moving hair would be even better, but not necessary. Maybe few new hair dye colors would be great too. Oo and while i made my new white set, i realized, there is not any white high heels or any other shoes what could fit with skirt or dress in color white. As you know, skirt+sneakers is not best option together.

    And one thing what my squirrel suit needs is either neck or foot item double jump. I want use my squirrel tail, but then i never have double jump and that makes moving in most of worlds impossible.

    Last thing, could you change system, how to remove friends and ignored people? I have maybe 100 ignored spammers in my ignore list and well... it takes years to remove them, so they stay there forever.
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    1. A fix for the gauntlet of elements which might allow more common use of it in worlds. Allow admins to use the item, this could be done by various methods, but I think that giving the owner the option to enable or disable the use of gauntlet in their world. This would help prevent scams while also allowing the gauntlet to be used more commonly. It would also be nice if we could do more with the gauntlet than just switch locations of blocks. It was a final branch item which was probably given to about 500 people. It should be a bit more special. Especially since it was not meant to be a fashion item but rather a useful one.

    2. GUI improvements, I’ve seen a lot of posts regarding the GUI, so it would be nice if it could be updated. Maybe to something a bit more modern. Or, and this just popped into my head, the GUI based of the design of a growphone (which is just a simple phone) inside which all the GUI icons could be shown in different ways.

    3. More Hair for Girls, you only see them wearing 4-5 types of girl hair. So getting some more flashy hair would be nice

    4. Old packs and old Awesome Items be removed from the store or given a new look. They’re pretty much useless right now.

    5. As suggested in a post before, a lock which allowed only specific items to be placed.

    6. Remove quests which require a good amount of dls to be completed.

    7. Add more items for smithing so that more people do it.

    8. Allow us to use /r even if we enter another world

    9. Also, as suggested before, the command /pwarp, which would allow us to go to the world we were previously in.

    10. Allow the worlds that we have favourited using /fav be easier to access. You have to click 2 buttons to load them and loading them also takes an annoying amount of time.
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    Default Growtokens for Underrated Parts of Growtopia

    There are many underrated parts of Growtopia, such as chemsynth, pet battles, crime fighting, ghost hunting, wolf worlds, and mentorship, just to name a few. My idea is to have Growtokens as a possible drop from these activities, instead of collecting guaranteed rewards to buy tokens from the greedy salesman.
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    we need item for help vend world like gather all wls in vend to 1 machine..

    and fix bug when using chicken plow or tracktor always skip the tree..

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    Lightbulb Villagers

    Villages. Here is the thread with tons of suggestions from different people on how it can be implimented
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    Cuisines update

    New Things :

    Store update :

    Cuisines pack :
    *Available at store for 25.000 gems

    Pack contains :
    -30 of random fruits (include lemon, apple, blueberry, etc)
    -a Cuisine lover apron
    -3 of random fruits provider
    -1 Ice cream maker
    -a rare Food expert hat (give "Food Lover" mod, give 1-5% more quality when cooking)
    -a food recipe (work like Secret of growtopia but it give Food recipe)

    Food ingredients pack
    *Available at store for 10.000 gems

    Pack contain :
    -100 of random fruits (include lemon, apple, blueberry, etc)
    -a pack of cheese
    -a bottle of yogurt

    Food expert kitchen set
    *Available at store for 50.000 gems

    Give 1 Food expert kitchen set.
    Wrench to setting, choose Mix or Cook.

    New Food


    P.S : I love Fruits
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    Goals :

    1.100% Awesomeness : [100/100] [ √ ]
    2.Have Focused Eye : [75/100] [ X ]
    3.Have 200 DLs : [15/200] [ X ]
    4.Won 10 WOTD this year : [ 3/10 ] [ X ]

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    Default PAW suggestions P2

    Suggestion 5 - More Pet battle rewards
    Since pet battling can be really expensive, we can try to
    make pet battles more rewarding, I introduce to you the
    Pet battling reward system, How does it work? When you
    battle people and win, you get 1 point but if you lose, you
    get -1 point, what are these points for? they are for
    redeemable prizes that can be obtained by wrenching
    yourself, every 10 points, your pet battler experience
    levels up and gives you a additional reward, then when
    you reach pet battler experience - Level 2, you need 20
    points to reach Pet battler experience - Level 3 and the
    current progress from level 1 will be erased to control the
    op players, once you reach level 10, you get a ultimate
    prize and you cannot claim any more prizes and points
    for one week and when that one week is over, you go
    back to level 1, the prizes per level are randomized but
    the prizes get better.

    Suggeston 6 - New daily Challenges
    Who ya gonna call? = Catch as many ghosts as you can
    Dingy! = Get as many xp as you can ( Consumables and
    other op materials are prohibited, except for
    pickaxes and fists (you can only gain points
    every 8 seconds to reduce one punch hackers)

    Suggestion 7 - New criminals
    > Anniversary > Party Pooper
    > Valentines > The heartbreaker
    > CNY > The dark dragon
    > Winterfest > Greedy Goblin
    > Normal > King Rat

    Suggestion 8 - Player vs Entity
    So, PvE can also be a great addition to growtopias updates, aside from
    the dr. destructo attack which is REALLY RARE, and Boss ghosts which
    are quite hard to summon and wait for, we can have a Entity Generator
    which can create Entities that can attack you, this isnt a perma item
    so, after you use it it will self destruct, there are 10 rounds, the higher
    the round, the harder, you will need alot of friends for this, you can use
    swords, guns, staffs, each with different dmg, and once you complete
    all the rounds, you and your friends get prizes and the generator will
    explode, now heres the fun part, before the generator self destructs,
    it will give you 10 seconds to exit the world via white door before it
    explodes or you will be given a mod called " Radioactive Mess' which
    will last for 1 week, this generator cannot be used on existing worlds.

    Stay tuned for part 3

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Ampere"S View Post

    - More backpack capacity: from 196 to 392


    - a new lock that let's people harvesting providers (only harvesting)[not only admin and owner]: almost similar to builder lock but has different function


    - change roulette well: only owner can punch roulette wheel


    - more commands: /hmm ; /thinking ; /ok ; /wow ; /pull [name] [name] [name] (improve this command, so owner or admin can pull 1 to 5 people at once

    Locking world:

    - let player know what worlds are they locking with SL,BL,HL not only WL

    Improvements and avoiding hackers:

    - zoom out: let the player zoom out of the screen to be wider than before

    - add more rules in different languages: *MOST IMPORTANT* it's not easy to understand english rules, TOS, EULA, etc. So why not add more in different language? I understand it's not easy to add them, but I think this is really important, because not every player speak english very well

    - every trading and dropping WORLD, and ITEMS you'll need PIN at least 4 digits, and can be turned on or off *EVEN DONATING ITEMS*
    the last suggestion is actually good for hacking prevention



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