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Thread: [Discussion] Player Appreciation Week 2019

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    Well a lot of people liked so here
    My face every day

    Why am I still here? I couldve done something productive like sleeping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corrects View Post
    Hey I think Neko forgot to close the thread
    Yep I think too, and she forgot to add new ideas to Mega Thread or maybe are awful ideas?

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    Thank you everyone for submitting your suggestions. We now need to finalize our list so I am closing this thread now.

    Take note that NOT EVERYTHING in the Megathread will officially make it to the PAW. As mentioned in the disclaimer:

    DISCLAIMER: Please take note that even if your submission made it to this thread it does not mean it will be implemented. There is absolutely no guarantee that suggestions posted here will make it to implementation for many reasons and considerations. It just means that we’re highlighting it as it seems to be one of the most feasible ones.
    Maybe only half of what was listed will actually be implemented or perhaps some of the suggestions will be tweaked or improvements could be made into some of the suggestions. Also, the list is not yet final. More suggestions will be added today.

    The list is not going to be perfect (meaning there will be some good and bad ideas in there depending on how a player sees it, not everyone has the same opinion) and again everything will still be evaluated by the devs later on.



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