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Thread: June Update

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    Default June Update

    Dear Growtopians,

    June is here and we have plenty of new stuff for you!

    • Item of the Month: Galactic Destructor! A futuristic weapon that shoots energy projectiles and devastates blocks!
    • Designed by Placental, the Darkening Hood will shroud its bearer in stylish shadows! It's the perfect way to stay awesomely anonymous!

      Update: The name was changed in order to keep the Subscription Item's naming policy followed!

    • The Growing Dead return with a complete rebalance of Pandemic!

    How's that for a start? And now I hand the mic over to Starkos for his Dev Diary!

    PS: And don't forget to share your feedback and let us know what you think about this month's update in this thread!

    ~ NekoRei

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    Default Dev Diary - June Update and... June Update Teaser?! What the...?

    Hello Growtopians!

    We've got a very interesting month planned for you guys. First, you may have noticed that there's no new update today. Oh, sure, we've got a real boomstick of an IOTM for ya, but where's the new stuff, right? Well, we actually have some balancing changes to help tide you over, but they're not about creating something new - they're about bringing the dead back to life! That's right, we've calibrated Pandemic to have a much better chance of actually occurring and set it so Mutated Cells have a chance to drop from zombie infections during the event. Chalk up a win for the undead!

    (Also, Techy, do you have a spy camera in our office or something?)

    Hungry for more? Of course you are! Pandemics and lasers are good and all, but they aren't a new update, are they? Have no fear - it's coming. Just... not yet. See, about halfway through development last month, we took stock and saw there were a lot of opportunities to make June's update even better. Now, this isn't rare - we always have ideas on how to improve stuff - but this time our concepts and ideas for elevating the update felt so enticing, we decided to dedicate more development time to add them.

    As such, June's update will not be launching today, but rather in roughly two weeks. In order to tide you over, I've prepared a teaser as well as a bit more info on what it is (and why we felt a delay would help). You ready? June's update will be... Blocktor's Orders. It'll be an enhancement of the Surgery system, focusing on an all-new type of medical problem: Maladies. These will be special diseases you can only contract by doing certain actions in the game, and most of them will come with their own special items and drop tables (if you can beat their new scenarios).

    At first, that was going to be it for the update, but then we realized this was a great opportunity to ease new players into Surgery as well as provide some legendary challenges for the best surgeons out there. As such, we've greatly expanded Blocktor's Orders to include- well, you'll see.

    Also, there's this... thing. I'm sorry you don't have an update today, but I'm even more sorry you have to look at it.

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