Hello dear Growtopians,

We are contacting you today to announce some exciting plans for Growtopia this year on the Community Side.

To start, we wanted to let you know how grateful we are for the survey that some of you submitted several months ago (it’s taken this long to analyze the results and put them into action). Thanks to this – and the recurring feedback in-game, on the forums, and via other social media – we’ve made greater interaction with the community and more in-game presence one of our core pillars for the year to come.

Now, because we want to leave you with more details than a high-level intention, I’m going to explain some of the steps we’re taking in this direction. First, we’ve partnered with a studio in Canada in order to provide better support across all time zones, which includes more presence on the forum, better answer times on tickets, and most importantly, more presence IN-GAME. Second, and perhaps most importantly, we know you guys want to have more Mods in the game, so in addition to these agents, we will launch a new series of recruitment waves for Mods, all of whom will belong to an initiative we’re calling Mods 2.0.
(On this topic, please, NEVER fill in any Mods application that is not coming from the Gazette itself, and I remind you, we will NEVER ask you for your password, we don't need it to help you out, so NEVER share it with anyone!)

Back on topic, what do these initiatives mean?
Well, to be clear, while this does NOT mean we will be able to answer all the private messages we get while online – you should see our chat logs – we WILL be able to better tackle most of the issues happening in the game with this initiative, whether it’s spam, scams, casinos, etc. Additionally, this year we’d like to organize many more in-game activities with you guys (which might mean getting some exclusive content for participating in them)!
You may have noticed we’ve increased our in-game presence these past few months, but I hope you understand with this post that those efforts were only stepping-stones for what’s next! We’re really excited for this next phase for Growtopia’s community.

Lastly, I’m sure this sounds nice and all, but perhaps you’re wondering WHEN these changes are going to be implemented… Well, they’re already in process, and we have 6 agents working in our partner studio in Canada that will be introduced to you soon. As for the new mods, we’ve locked down the profiles for the first wave and they will start training in the next days. All this new blood will help reinforce the existing Mods 1.0 as well as our Ubisoft teammates here in Abu Dhabi. We’ve always worked hard to provide you with the best support, and that hasn’t changed – we just understand more hands are needed to truly achieve the community experience we want.
Let me know what you guys think, and please bear with us in the months to come. It will be some time before you see (and experience) the full results, and there will undoubtedly be mistakes, but we will keep striving to make this the best community possible.

Thank you for your continuous support, and for connecting to the game every day.