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Thread: my gameplay suggestions (things that need attention)

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    Default my gameplay suggestions (things that need attention)

    1. Role Up! needs improvements. For this to be better, you could remove the concept of fetch quests, remove the limitation of progress (so the rich can easily progress through short-cutting via wealth), and just make XP gain through roles natural with the activity. E.g., Fishing, you can earn role XP based on the lbs. you caught (like normal), and you don't have to start the Role quest, which gives the concept a natural feel to it. I don't wish to only fish when I want to complete a role quest to maximise progression, I want to fish when I want, and progress. Maybe, on top of this, you can still keep the quests for more specific things, as well as the natural XP gain.
    2. Increase XP & gems from other sources. The prominence of BFG worlds root from the necessity of gems and XP, sadly, farming is the only efficient source of the two, and so sources of gems and XP can be increased in other activities. This can coincide with the roles XP system, where they are the same. So, when you see someone's level and their role levels (could be displayed when looking at a player's profile via wrenching), you can see "oh, this guy does a lot of fishing for his high level", and know what he likes doing in-game.
    3. Salesman is a great asset to the game and can be used more frequently for all activities. This can help with players with bad RNG to at least get some certainty in the long run of a reward they want. With more interesting, useful and creative rewards, old activities can be more worthwhile. You don't have to add complete new items to the salesman for each activity, you can add some previous items to create a wider range of access (like some clash items could be added to the salesman, specifically the blocks). You could also add a Misc. section where the Salesman trades multiple currency from various activities for certain items.
    4. RNG protection. For my friend, Kranken, is yet to receive a Ring of Shrinking despite his numerous trips to the Ringmaster. RNG protection helps long-term problems with players losing hope or ultimately quitting because of their bad RNG. This can help with player security.
    5. Vend worlds and shop worlds could do with some quality of life updates and adjustments to RSP/SSP to help get them back on track to give options to players. Vending worlds were amazing back then because it allowed access to harder to find blocks, and removed the need to have to (super) broadcast for everything (especially with the increase in broadcasting's prices). By broadening the SSP & RSP pool of seeds (back to original) can help with the death of some items that are extinct (like happy flower grass, which nobody makes, so they become rare and obsolete). Play around with RSP & SSP (and mass vending QOL changes to benefit shop worlds), to create balance without making shop owners have too easy of an income (though, vending worlds were hard work to manage), and letting the customers have accessibility to these items.
    6. Focus on fun gameplay rather than flashy clothing and walking status symbols. Easter CTF was a good experiment and got players to actually play and have fun. If the event had better worthwhile prizes, transparency and clearer rules, it would've been a blast. You could create fun mini-games with prizes for the players that occur once a week or so. Players loved spleef, PvP, contests, and more. Carnival can be remodelled with new games, new prizes, and new enticement. You could ask builders from the community to build such games and experiences for players (possibly another reason for players to test their creativity), and with your new feature blocks being added frequently, these worlds can become diverse and truly unique Minecraft's building is so prominent because of its limitless nature.
    7. Updates to Game Generators - you rarely see worlds utilising these.
    8. More steam options and blocks (like steam wallpaper so steam can pass through solid blocks via WP, doors that close after being open after a certain time period, steam levers, increase steam capacity, the sky is the limit). Seth and Hamumu would add new steam features every update for a few updates after its initial release. Steam could become so much more.
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