As you know, we are actively banning all accounts that we detect using bots, macros, and other means of doing in-game actions automatically. These activities are illegal as per game rules. ALL accounts involved in those illegal activities will be suspended regardless of how wealthy or high-level their accounts are.

These accounts affect both the game’s community and its economy in a harmful way, and we hope you understand our desire to tackle them in order to make Growtopia better.

In line with that, ALL players that will be caught will face the following punishments:

I. World with Autofarmer/s (this pertains to both private and BFG World Owners)
World owners MUST be very careful in renting their worlds. We understand that checking and monitoring your worlds aren't that easy, but in order to clear these auto-farmers, we would also want to rely on you in monitoring your own worlds. Failure to do so will have the following consequence for their world (if we catch autofarmers in your world):
1st - Warning (we will inform the world owner that we caught autofarmers in their world so they are aware)
2nd - 30 days ban (for the world and the world owner)
3rd - 60 days ban (for the world and the world owner)
4th - Permanent suspension for the world (meaning the world will be closed down) and the world owner

However, if we catch you allowing auto-farmers in your world, you and your world will be permanently suspended without warning.

Mods will investigate first before giving a punishment to any BFG world suspected with autofarmers. Please note that if we confirm 100% that the owner was aware of the autofarming we will apply the maximum sanction directly (world permaban). The 4 strike system will actually prevent us from banning BFG worlds directly.

Example Situations:
1. What if I have 2 or more worlds and my first world got a warning then I changed that world's name... what will happen if you catch an autofarmer in my other worlds?
Your World#1 got a warning, after which you changed that world's name (NOTE: We will know that you changed your world name). Then your World#2 was caught with autofarmer/s. It will be considered 2nd offense so both BFG World 1 and 2 will get 30 days ban. Once the world ban period is over (after 30 days) and we found an autofarmer in World 2 again, only World 2 will get the 60 days world ban.

II. Autofarmers (this also pertains to other players caught autofarming inside a private or BFG world)
ALL autofarmers (whether a world owner, admins, other players) are punishable by PERMANENT suspension. No exception, no warning.