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Thread: Blocktor's Orders! & Dev Diary

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    Default Blocktor's Orders! & Dev Diary

    Dear Growtopians,

    Scalpel! Stitches! STAT! Our newest update is here, and it's added a wave of all-new medical maladies! Are you up to the challenge of finding, fighting, and, of course, getting prizes from them?

    Or maybe you're new to Surgery? No worries! Grab an all-new SurgWorld Blast from the Store to learn the ropes. We've even added the new Train-E bot to all Surgery packs to help you practice the healing arts!

    Oh, and don't worry - we've also tweaked the loot balancing for these new scenarios to make sure all those new items don't change your chances of getting the most valuable rewards (like Thingamabobs)! Plus, don't be alarmed if you notice that the order of the Surgical tools are different. It was intended to make important tools to be more visible and the rest of the items sorted in groups.

    Check it out and let us know what you think here!

    ~ NekoRei

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    Default Blocktor's Orders - Dev Diary

    Hello Growtopians!

    Order up! Are you ready to slice n' dice your fellow Growtopians? Our much-anticipated update to Surgery, Blocktor's Orders, arrives today, full of deadly maladies, new items, helpful tips, and legendary challenges! I know I've introduced a few of this update's features already, but let's dive a little deeper!

    You probably know by now that we've added new surgical scenarios in the form of maladies. These nasty afflictions come in two forms: Surgical and System. Surgical maladies can be gotten from performing Surgeries, and will be applied directly to the treating physician (probably you). There are a variety of these, each with a unique reward or two, and some are much rarer than others.

    The other type of malady is System-based, and can be gotten from engaging in one of several different systems (like, for example, Cooking, which can lead to a Fatty Liver - might want to stop snacking on all those treats!). The difference here is that these maladies aren't applied directly to you. Instead, when they trigger, you'll receive a special consumable, the Vile Vial, which will apply its related malady to anyone you target (who doesn't already have one, of course).

    Even rarer are the Vicious maladies - these are incredibly difficult versions of the System maladies, and will be nigh-impossible for most doctors to defeat without the help of a vaccine. There's a chance of getting some rather interesting (and potentially legendary) new rewards from these Vicious variants, however...

    Of course, there's more to this update than just maladies! Check out the new SurgWorld, hunt vaccines with the Caduceaxe, and brush up on your surgical know-how with the new Train-E bot! We wanted Blocktor's Orders to do three things: Provide an interesting entry point for players new to surgeries, add a new twist on surgical scenarios, and provide a long-term, legendary progression for super-dedicated doctors. I think we hit all these points and I'm really proud of what the team's accomplished here, but don't take my word for it - check it out and let us know how we did!

    Your feedback is, as always, incredibly valuable! Now get stitchin'!



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