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Thread: [MERGED DISCUSSION] BFG World Anti-Autofarming Measure

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    Just heard about this news from a friend in game. But in my opinion there are many flaws with this method. Not saying it's a bad one, but what about public bfg worlds? I made a world where there are public break rooms and some semi public rooms where people can open the room even from the outside by activating the revolver 6 times. When the player sees someone trying to open the room from the outside, he/she could collect the gems before someone comes in. If it's an auto farmer, they'll just lose the gems they stacked and at the same time their time in breaking. I don't have much time playing gt like I used to last time, so I can't monitor my worlds until my blocks are emptied out most of the time.

    After I harvest my trees, I set my magplants to public, then go offline most of the time. I invested in magplants because of my situation (not being able to play longer than i used to) and also it's more convenient for me since I my time is more balanced playing gt and doing work irl.

    Do these types of world design (Public BFG World) get exempted?

    Here's an example of a room I built.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AT0MS View Post

    You clearly don't know corrects
    this is true... I log on the forums once every purple moon to check up on the stuff... so specific people arent gonna be in my memory...
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    I don't think so


    Nekorei, you realize that releasing the announcement on the forums isn't enough right? I am fairly certain that the news in-game exist for a reason. Ever thought about announcing this in-game? I hope you realize that a few players check the forums or even know about them, and thus warning bfg owners only through the forums is simply insufficient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ooopsi View Post
    Nekorei, you realize that releasing the announcement on the forums isn't enough right? I am fairly certain that the news in-game exist for a reason. Ever thought about announcing this in-game? I hope you realize that a few players check the forums or even know about them, and thus warning bfg owners only through the forums is simply insufficient.
    They will probably put it in the gt gazet thingy at some point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrping View Post
    Hello fellow friends, growtopians and wonderful GT community! xD

    I think that it's very good that mods are starting to take action on these darn autofarmers as a farmer myself I feel like it's unfair that people can go offline and do whatever they want while they get gems and worldlocksYour stuff should be hard earned xd. Not just gotten for free without having to do anything I have 5K hours on this game and I think it's unfair that people that don't even play the game just go afk and let it play for them are able to get rich. Yes many of you might think it's insane that people get banned well then don't complain about mods not doing anything because they are trying their best and you guys are all just hating. We need love in this community not more hate so stop hating spread positivty. Cmon we can do it rofl.

    Also I think Growscans should be removed from the game because ubisoft earns less money cause of people not buyings gems and instead buying autofarmed gems with worldlocks. This makes me very angry and is almost as bad as selling Dls for cash since both ways ubisoft loses money that they can spend on improving the game.

    Magplant could also use a nerf i feel like they are we too overpowerd. I think mags should come to the itemshop for 200k gems and the storage should be 500. The mag is tradeable at level 1 and become untradeable when upgraded each upgrade cost 200k gems and makes it store 500 more blocks. YEs this will make it balanced lol haha xd.

    Rayman should also be nerfed to only punch 2 blocks and no pickaxe effect with it. xD way to good item hahaa

    As a person aspiring to be a mod in the future I do think that we first need to understand why they are choosing to ban these autofarmers and stop being mad. It's true that innocent might be banned but it's actually your fault for being banned. Because you sell rooms to auto farmers. Just stop doing that and stop complaining it's very easy to detect auto farmers just don't be lazy and wakey wakey up up and do a little work. Xd

    Yippy hurray hey hey hey and thats my opinion on this topic as a aspiring future mod, love u guys OwO.

    Rawr xD grrrrr.. hehe xd have good great day growtopians.
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    To be honest, your suggestion only make bfg owners suffer instead of stopping autofarmers. Once the bfg owners spend tons of gems upgrading their magplant’s capacity, autofarmers will still appear and autofarm with the high capacity magplant

    Nerfing rayman will only making the autofarming process slower but NOT STOPPING IT.

    Autofarmers nowadays are smart, they will monitor who is interacting with them while autofarming. So it is not easy for us to identify them as a normal farmer or an autofarmer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrping View Post
    Hello fellow growtopian friend!
    I have actually owned bfg world and it was quite easy your just hating everything mods decide to do.
    It only takes 1 second to ban an autofarmer what's the problem? xD lol baka
    To ban is not a problem, the thing is, hard to know really, I see now all whoever whears the Raymond/Dragon Scarf as potential auto-farmer, its unfair to them, I'm being very protective but it's like they dont enjoy anymore farming and sure as hell they hate me now, I made a rule to farm naked.. I even got xeno to provide powers.
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    The only way to end this drama is to make autofarming legal

    If ubisoft can't make a system that can detect autofarmers then why bother stopping autofarmers

    The truth is u can't stop autofarmers unless ubisoft can actually detect autofarmers in their system

    It's hopeless.. U can simply use s jammer if u own 2mags and u can earn millions of gems everyday
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    The update in the rule is absolutely no improvement to what was discussed and actually makes it even more clear that they're just not listening and forcing it on people. Bfgs are already shutting down at a rapid state because the announcement legitimately scared people off even if they've stated in their own bfg that they do not allow it.
    For the main reasoning - I mean even in the thread announcement, autofarmers apart states that it's to "make the economy better", while people are earning so few thousands bfging until empty stocks you see a whole other part earning up to 200k per hour, *cough* gemonade

    It's just a blatant excuse to put the responsibility on owners while it's the players themselves being problematic so that mods have "less work to do". Exactly like when sb prices were increased "to reduce spam" while there were no moderators to even take care of it.
    As I said previously, moderating through assumptions will cause mistakes in player punishments. Expect an increase in support tickets whenever this is seriously enforced...
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    Remove the ability to stack gems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowBlizter View Post
    When mods catch an autofarm in their world,

    What about buy+ worlds? They have spammers in them.
    Both autofarmers and spammers use bots/macros to do their stuff but why are buy+ worlds not being 'affected' by this rule? There is illegal activity
    i remember buyforcefield owner when i asked him to use royal lock to prevent spammers he replied with: spammers give more fossils
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    Btw i have idea to make anti autofarm, wait i will post thread make best anti autofarm
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    Its so sad when i am trying to earn minimum wls by providing bfg so i can afk abit more but i still need to be active to ban



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