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Thread: Make gems go directly to the user's gem balance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparkie View Post
    This indirectly helps BFGs, as owners can /kickall without fear of people loosing their gems(and simultaneously making autofarmers respawn to the white door).

    For those who think that selling gems will be a problem, there should be a new option to allow gems to drop(allow the option to be toggled on and off). Thus, you can sell gems if you need, won't get scammed at bfgs, and can help bfg owners manage autofarmers, effortlessly.
    I’m definitely in favor of the concept of being able to drop gems in order to sell them directly. The gem store nowadays is pretty outdated and most of the items in it aren’t worth spending gems on. To be honest, it’s almost better to just purchase World Locks from the gem store.

    I’m not that educated in the way BFGs work, or what kinds of exploits go on in them, so I can’t really give you an opinion about that, but I like your thinking Spark.
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    It should be a feature for locks, otherwise help break and bfx worlds will shut down
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    Quote Originally Posted by Astigmatisme View Post
    togglable and for super supporters only
    Darnit, I'm not a supporter or a super supporter.
    But yea this is great tho.
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    Phat nope from me; it's far too gimmicky

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    Actually a real nice idea including all the ideas that came out through the replies like world lock option, magplant option, etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparkie View Post
    can read pls?

    - - - Updated - - -

    okay i dont think pple are getting it...

    gems go to your inventory(like atms)-option 1

    gems drop(normal, as of rn)-option 2

    you can switch between the options in personal settings!!!

    this way you cannot get scammed in bfgs(beehive kills, whatever, you still keep the gems you break)

    this way the owners can /kickall without people whining(since there are no dropped gems, owners can /kickall, thus removing autofarmers. and as a bonus, they dont have to return any gems since the gems are in people's inventories!)

    this way you can change to option 2(if you want gems to drop) to sell them, and change back and forth.
    I think the option of whether the gems go to the players backpack should be up to owner. If the people who don’t own the world have the option to do this, all help break areas would be rendered useless (for gems at least).

    Also, for auto farmers, they will still be prevalent, if not even more. The auto farmer not has nothing to lose from auto farming (gem-wise, you can still get banned), so I also don’t see how your /kickall solution is a solution at all.

    In conclusion, I don’t think this option should be implemented because it brings more problems than it solves.

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    i honestly just don't see the point
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    Quote Originally Posted by No Emotions View Post
    they still need mags to suck in the seeds and blocks tho
    for help break owners, maybe make the feature a world lock option?
    By placing the blocks in a standard help-break box, Mags are not needed.
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