Nominating STALKED for WOTD by Kaito and RangeNight

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A journalist, who is travelling to another country had a big mysterious turn of life. Travelling in a plane with a bunch of passengers encountered a sudden flash of bright light, little did they know they were already teleported to another dimension, gravity is different. While on journey on finding a way to escape the place, you heard something behind your back! Are you being stalked?! Who or what could that be?!😱 -Find out more exclusively in STALKED

Items require before starting the adventure
*Any Wings
*Any item that has a gliding effect (parasol is preferable)

World Contains
*An original creation
*Storylines *Various Adventures (likely added "reversal")
*Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Fire House, Ghost Charm, and Pineapple Guardian
*Usage of Cybots (e.g Trickster and more)
*Usage of Newly Added Blocks (Roots and more)
*Usage of Adventure Items
*Moderate Difficulty Parkour
*Winners Area
*Private links to each sector
*CREDITORY is located near the white door

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