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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

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    Default Nominating for WOTD.

    Name:  lostscepter.png
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Size:  1.75 MB
    Nominating LOSTSCEPTER for WOTD.
    Grow ID : ADEFU

    The world has ;
    -Fun parkour
    -Fun Area
    -New added blocks (bountiful etc.)

    Features ;
    -Punch and Zombie Jammers
    -Weather Machine -Jungle

    Story :
    The Sceptre of Dagobert was part of France’s crown jewels. Dating from the 7th century (it was created for King Dagobert for his coronation) and made of solid gold, it was stored in the Basilica of St Denis until 1795, when it disappeared, never to be seen again. It’s believed to have been stolen, and its whereabouts remain a mystery to this day.

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    This world is an adventure world with Disney theme. This world will let you know about History of Disney. It also makes you know about Disneyland all over the world.

    - Weather machine ~ Night
    - Punch and zombie jammer
    - Castle pixel art
    - Parkour
    - History of Disney and Credits board
    - Information about Disneyland
    - Password door game

    Last Render:
    Name:  disneyscastle.png
Views: 169
Size:  162.2 KB

    Thank you for reading!

    GrowID: INSZ
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Default HYPERVIA for WOTD!

    World Name:HYPERVIA

    Hypervia is both a puzzle and a parkour world. (has some riddles as well)
    The main attraction of the world is the “change dimensions” feature that will be explained detailed later.

    -Punch Jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Guardian Pineapple
    -Weather Machine: Nothingness
    -Usage Of 2 Worlds (Mainly For Linking)
    -A Story
    -A Password system that can be used to get to the level you left at
    -Advanced Adventure Item Usage (Old And New)
    -Long Length, Medium-Hard difficulty.

    -A New Mechanic: Change Dimensions!
    At the start of every level there is a password door or a cave entrance that could be used to change dimensions. When a player changes dimensions the whole world becomes a better/worse place. All the lavas turn to hedges,The lava rocks turns to dirt/cave dirt/Bountiful jungle temple and the twisted spikes turns to bamboo spikes.But everything else the places you can see,walk, even signs and boards are the same!
    This change dimensions feature is necessity to completing the world.a player needs to get to both the start of a lava level and a earth level to be able to get both of the passes so they can change the dimensions they are at without losing their items!

    -A Credit (also a story/world info) Board that is next to the white door. (Or Both of the white doors i should say :P)

    Best regards

    Name:  hypervia.png
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    Default My world for WOTD

    GrowID : BuyGApple

    This world is an adventure based parkour which you have to sometimes FIND your way to the next obstacle. A pixelart of an asteroid [At least I tried to make one] that hold's the mystery of the world.

    A quick explanation of the story :
    There was a huge explosion back when the park was newly opened, A scientist living below was thought to be the reason. The park closed. After the park was closed, the gate's were broken from inside... You were the one to check it out of curiosity.

    Features :
    Punch jammer
    Zombie jammer
    A song which you can go to the original world using GOLDENWATERPARK's door near Credit's board
    Credit's board
    Use of adventure item's
    A mini luck based circuit hacking
    A mini water slide
    Beach blast
    No equipment is needed to finish the parkour [Wing parasol asbestos boot's etc.]

    Good luck to all other partipicants! :]
    Name:  goldenwaterpark.png
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    Default Dominating Temple of Bastet

    Grow id : Kaneki
    World name : TEMPLEOFBASTET

    Story line:
    Temple of Bastet. It is located in the Aegyptiaca Forest. The temple was built to honor the ancient Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet. It was believed that ancient civilisation worshipped Bastet for protection against bad omen. However until today, nobody has actually pinpoint the exact location of the temple. Many explorers had ventured to the forest but none of them ever returned. Intrigued, you and your partner, Ben, decided to search the temple yourselves. Do you think you can come back and report it safely?

    World features:
    - Challenging and engaging adventure (no wings/parasol/air robs are needed to complete the parkour)
    - Usage of adventure items
    - Punch and Zombie jammers
    - Fire house and Pine Guard

    latest world render:
    Name:  templeofbastet.png
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Size:  1.35 MB

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    Default PERI0D for WOTD


    Name:  DB680FE8-A373-4E02-A6E9-F8B542C1D80C.png
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    World's structure:
    Don't be fooled by this world's render. It may look simple and plain, but I promise you that I made it to look this way. Why? It is a game world, and I wanted to make the player's experience a simple one. Neither complicated nor confusing for the player.

    About the World:

    The world was made to look like the dry arid climate. The story is, three native groups had a conflict and thus, a war erupted.

    Things in the world:

    PZ Jammer
    Black holes
    Game items


    Adventure item mechanics
    Capture the Flag game mechanics
    Zombie and Punch Jammers
    Team mechanics


    It has been long since Growtopia had a game world as a WOTD. A game world like PERI0D promotes teamwork and social bonds with other players. Unlike parkour WOTDs, game worlds mainly focus on the player aspect rather than the parkour. If PERI0D becomes a WOTD, this world will have the opportunity to spread these benefits. Thank you!

    I also added some gravity wells and new bamboo spikes. Render is not updated, you may check it out. It is fun.

    IGN: Kyeosi

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    Post Nominating "SPACE" for WOTD

    Brief Story Explanation
    The story takes it place during the time when people were free to travel across the planets, as well as aliens and spaceships were in common and were used as an everyday transport.
    Beginning of adventure occurs when the main character (Growtopia Player Himself) gets dragged into the black hole by an accident, in result of which he appears on an unknown spaceship full of dangers and obstacles!

    "SPACE" is a role-play adventure world, based on fantastic circumstance across the world.

    World Name: Space
    Owner's Growid: Deerin

    World Features
    *P-Z Jammers
    *High Jump to all the players (Mars Blast Effect)
    *Noob Friendly Parkour (No Wings Or Jetpack Required For Completion)
    *Mars Blast Background Weather
    *Adventure items
    *Unique use of adventure items
    *Paint (a lot of paint)
    *A lot of new blocks and items (Eg. Gravity Wells, Trickster)
    *Credit Bulletin
    *Public Bulletin
    *Little Vip Ship

    Name:  space.png
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    Default Killbots of the Rebellion (KillbotX)

    Name:  killbotx.png
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    Story : Humanity has been squeezed to a corner by it's own creation, robots named "Killbot," they're firmly too powerful to go against and they have caught 99.98% of humanity, and have taken custody of them. They're alive and safe fortunately, unfortunately if this continues humanity will lose it's freedom, and will be ruled by Killbots. Remaining humans have fled underground, deep underground-- because Killbots are unaware of that concept. YOU on the otherhand are a human, and for some reason you're NOT underground... due to the inevitable doom on the surface - you must go back underground - do it safely. That's where your journey begins! There are around 5 parts as long as this in the story, I made it rather complex: you explore the laboratory where the creation of Killbots begun, formerly Killbots were named "PX-19." The first PX-19 instantly became aware of it's surroundings, and went berserk-- causing the laboratory along with the developers to collapse. Later it turns out YOU are the scientist who had developed the FIRST PX-19 AKA Killbot, when PX-19 went berserk and the laboratory was struckt, the ceiling collapsed onto you and you were gravely injured-- causing you to lose your memories-- get amnesia. There's far more into the story, I made it exclusive.

    The world has many riddles, unique ones, head-scratching ones, memory ones.
    The world has many darn awesome parkours, I don't even know myself how I managed to make them so fun this time, haha.
    Of course it has both the P&Z jammer, but no ghost charm since good lord why is it so expensive...

    It doesn't look that nice on the outside, from the render, but please, believe me, when playing it's way way better. I don't specialize in overall pixel arts or such, but I can make a lot of fascinating gameplays, mechanics INSIDE the world, the design is also very very good when played INSIDE. Give it a chance please! Out of my two WOTDs, I'm most proud of this world.

    EDIT 2019/09/01: I added a small evil red eyed robot pixel art in the middle, I believe it somewhat gives the world a bigger substance.

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    What was supposed to be a fun night with friends turns out to be the worst day of his life.

    Name:  navidl.png
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    part 2 of PIZZATIMES! wotd in 2016!

    Name:  wotdk.png
Views: 118
Size:  225.7 KB

    a pizzarunner with crazy adventures!

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    Default RUN! This’s Evil Dukcy!

    GrowID: MiLYONERiM
    World Name: EVILDUCKY

    Name:  evilducky.png
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Size:  632.7 KB

    Imagine a very cute ducky mutating in the past and this ducky is on a giant rocket!
    And this Evil Ducky is doing bad things like.. evaporating the ocean, killing fish... Don't let the Ducky!
    This world has:

    • Parkour
    • Story
    • Adventure Items
    • Race Against Time
    • Password Game
    • Punch and Zombie Jammer
    • Firehouse

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    Hi, I would like to nominate my world to the WOTD

    GrowID: Caniche

    Description Farmers prepared tons of trees for harvest fest. But, there was a growtopia that gained their trust and got access in a lot of their worlds. Harvest Festival finally came back to growtopia but what the farmers didn't know I said that their trees were gone. Once they realized that, all victims gathered up and went to look for the scammer.

    Name:  IMG_2111.PNG
Views: 109
Size:  321.0 KB

    Features: ⇨ Punch Jammer
    ⇨ Zombie Jammer
    ⇨ Harvest Blast Weather
    ⇨ Golden Crystal Tree Pixel Art

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    What was supposed to be a fun night with friends turns out to be the worst day of his life.
    Name:  navidl.png
Views: 90
Size:  717.3 KB

    Part 2 of Pizzatimes wotd winner in 2016!
    Story about a pizzarunner and his crazy adventures!
    Name:  wotdk.png
Views: 89
Size:  225.7 KB



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