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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

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    Talking Nominating my world for WOTD

    Hello folks, today i am going to be nominating the world “Bombimp” for The world of the day, the owner of this world is “newmarc”
    - the World is A very Cool Adventure and story About The Imp’s
    Owner made himself about 80-90% of the world including the building theme, ideas and more, but we would like to give credits for very special friends “steambox” and “XenP”
    Who provided us some blocks and more things, spcial thanks they were so helpful.
    World got accomondations such as : jammers including punch and zombie jammer
    Heatwave weather machine, a song , cool pixel art of the imp
    -old parkour mechanics from 2014-2013 , adventure mode , the adventure storyline is divided into 3 parts , bomb , volcano, earth
    Its an amazing place
    - We made studies before building thing and all and we have made it the maximum time we could to player stay and enjoy the world, atleast they could use their time in game for some cool useful enjoyment, the world takes about 22-19 minutes for a normal parkourist and 12-14 minutes for a proffessional, and dont worry owner and admin are going to stay in the world for the whole day for helping and answering questions as we always do, the world has been tested without wings and air robs, and it totally works
    -This is a description of the world Story :
    Name:  AD56047C-D151-46CA-8FC5-948A1D1B3F72.jpeg
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    And Thats The Render of the world
    Name:  bombimp.png
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    Thank you, enjoy evryone and good luck for all !
    And thanks again for reading. I hope i didnt waste anyone time!

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    Default THESEAOFDREAMS by ChilliSnack

    Welcome to the sea of dreams!

    Meet imaginary creatures in your real adventure!

    The adventure contains:
    - obstacles
    - protection from zombies and constant punching (jammers)
    - relaxing song "Au Claire De La Lune" transcribed by me
    - little puzzles

    Here's the render,
    Attachment 220997

    Hope you enjoy, thanks for your time!
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    Once upon a time.The chaos in heaven occured.with the help of Eastern Warrior,you bare challenged to do the Adventure.
    Grow id:Midlecones
    world has
    -creditory board
    -medium parkours but requires you wings
    -fantastic story
    -and many more stuffs like gravitywell,dimesion block and more


    Please check the world itself not just the renderName:  leafadventure.png
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