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Thread: GIANT guild recruiting (no events)

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    Default GIANT guild recruiting (no events)

    Hi, giant guild is simple, be nice and make me like you, when i add you just ask to get in the guild and your in !

    If you ever want to find me im in my bfg SHIFTBFGS. If im not there it means im hanging out with friends !

    Good luck and have fun !

    Rules are simple, follow the growtopian code.

    If I dont add you after meeting you just ask to be in the guild and im rarely saying no!
    IGN : LI0NE
    LEVEL : 107
    GUILD : leader of GIANT (atm logo)
    IGN : lord
    Level : highest of all !
    Follow my insta @li0ne_gt

    Make this block in gt! (No dammage lava)


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    I'd like to join the guild



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